Taiwan Defense Department officials took office after the accident continued to hit 100 points for t cashmere mafia

Taiwan Defense Department is responsible for the accident after his people continue to give yourself 100 points – Sohu news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported that Taiwan defense department head Feng Shikuan on the morning of 21 went to the Legislative Yuan foreign affairs and Defense Committee "business report, by the question, the KMT legislative committee" Lv Yuling asked "so many things during the 4 months of taking office, give yourself a few minutes?" But Feng Shikuan response "I give myself 100 minutes to play, then was" the users lambasting rather baffling confidence ", pointed out that more people can give their out" no progress is not without reason". According to reports, Lv Yuling today in question asked Feng Shikuan for 4 months to show self rating, Feng Shikuan calmly said "I give myself 100 points", "Lu call 100? Are you satisfied with the present? The minister felt good about himself, but Feng responded with a loud voice, "that’s my confidence in myself," and again, he’s playing 100 points. Reported that the recent major events around the Taiwan Defense Department occurred, including Taiwan, three male dog abuse, mistakenly shot Taiping island dispute, a series of tanks overturned, chariot gun pipe rupture, Taiwan relief to eat canned food, but Feng Shikuan still play out for themselves, more emphasis is to give yourself confidence. At the time of the accident, the responsibility to carry out bluntly to reform, but it seems to have no effect. Give yourself 100 points for Feng Shikuan, then was "rather baffling users lambasting’s self-confidence, also pointed out that" the "Ministerial" welcome, the total score is 3000 points, even being criticized "can give their full marks, no progress is not without reason".相关的主题文章: