Swallow Beijing dialect, chest is scrambled eggs and other popular miss have questioned nlite

Slur Beijing word "chest fried egg" popular miss has questioned the new network – in these days, "slur" Beijing dialect lit on the Internet, "fried egg chest" (i.e., "scrambled egg with tomato) Wang Wujing" (Wangfujing), "packing Taiwan" (CCTV) etc.. "Beijing is so interesting." To forward the users to read a smile. Some netizens found that although we live in Beijing, but can hear the fluent Beijing dialect has been less and less. But a lot of comedian, folk scholars believe that this so-called "fluent" and "slur" of Beijing, is not worthy of emulation and promotion, because they do not represent the city of Beijing should have the spirit of tolerance. A few words in Beijing maxed circle of friends a few days ago, a picture to refresh the social media, there are 8 pictures on the Beijing dialect pronunciation of words, namely the words, "Xirimen" of Xizhimen, "milk grave abuse" of Gongzhufen, "Ma Ya shop" in Majiabao and several other places. Then netizens began to sentence: "I looked at the pad mounted station to broadcast the Olympic Games, eating fried egg chest, Bel cool." Soon, there are users of the production of "swallowing sound teaching" animation, but also analyzes the law of the Beijing dialect sound. For example, three words of the word, the word pronunciation is often in the middle of the area, such as Zh, CH, Pinyin in SH is often slur into R. Behind the video comments, some people said "the Beijing taste, I remember, also will say." There are also friends said that these regional characteristics of Beijing dialect is too strong, is not conducive to communication and understanding, when we talk about a joke on the line, do not let the children learn." Such views also received a lot of approval. "The Beijing dialect" Kua "taste, before the streets and lanes can be heard everywhere. Now become rare? We are in Beijing or Things seldom seen are strange., disappear?" Figure quickly lead to swallow voice, according to Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Zhang Shifang, Professor of Beijing, the formation of swallowing sound, the underlying reason is the language of the principle of economic constraints. Any language pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, generally have the economic requirements, simple, simple is an important manifestation of the sound, which reflects the simple, simple needs. Beijing dialect in pronunciation speed faster, "" living beyond "phenomenon, a sound but no agile, after a sound of rushing to keep up with. Slur caused the music, such as the Beijing dialect ‘don’t’ say ‘no’, it is beyond the scope of Beijing dialect and other dialects there are many similar words, very tenacious vitality." Professor Zhang Shifang said. The bus conductor was the most typical Shuabing Beijing words "wave" post, 8 words have 7 names are related to the Beijing. Of course, the most common place to hear these places is the bus. June 21, 1984, the Beijing evening news has published a letter from the reader, the conductor said after the station, please get off, after listening to the sound of foreign tourists to become a pinch car". The passenger thought "pinch" is "truck" means, "I do not change the truck, so after the station." North 3相关的主题文章: