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Mapping of Youth Exchange innovative experiences   85 after the girl was like a hand drawn map — technology — Zhen man painted a map of Nanluogu Lane in Beijing in October 9, (Zhao Zhuqing) to "youth? Strong" as the theme of the 2016 Youth Day activities of Surveying and mapping geographic information mapping industry held in Beijing today, young people have to show display skills to the full. Talent and love for the cause of Surveying and mapping. Especially in the city of Beijing Institute of Surveying and mapping of the 85 Beijing show a male girl Zhen won the hand drawn map of a praise. In the presentation of the map of the hand painted Nanluogu Lane map, not only won the two prize for youth technical innovation, but also made a appearance patent. A man with "mozheng Zhen" to describe her about the job dedication, she also enjoyed the pleasure of innovation. It is reported that currently is in the process of making Zhen man Beijing city series of hand drawn map of the idle away in seeking pleasure. With the mobile phone positioning, vehicle navigation, map the popularity of the Internet, in recent years, the fusion of traditional surveying and Mapping Science and emerging cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet technology depth, geographic information service into the life of each person. Li Pengde, deputy director of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information, said, from the traditional mapping technology, to digital mapping, and then to the information mapping, scientific and Technological Innovation led to the development of Surveying and mapping geographic information. Today, the geographic information industry as a strategic emerging industry, has maintained an annual increase of over 20%, has become an important field of public entrepreneurship, innovation. The activities sponsored by Chinese surveying and Mapping Science Research Institute and the Liaoning Technical University, with the youth keynote speeches, conference reports, young scholars report, academic forums and other forms of exchange of learning platform for the mapping of youth, held every two years, has held three sessions. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: