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Super delicious bowl of soup, you give the baby to drink? – every meal Sohu baby mushroom soup baby, type I will give her a bowl of soup soup is often for collocation do today is required for the rich body of mushroom soup in 18 amino acids in fungus drink mushroom soup on the human body is very beneficial and a mushroom flavor pot is very good good soup with flavor in the production of the time, I also added a little bit of garlic oil to taste, do not mention how to drink, how delicious ~ but the mushroom is actually not very good chew so, don’t forget to cut broken a shopping list formula of time in the production of gold needle mushroom, Pleurotus 50g 50g, 50g seafood seasoning mushroom mushroom: cooking method: stir reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 16 months without difficulty that. Combination of ingredients in the text is not allergic to the baby. * * 1 is the water boiled, the mushroom, Pleurotus eryngii and seafood mushroom together into the pot boiled. PS: Po mom can also choose other mushrooms, but it is not recommended to choose letinous edodes, letinous edodes smell heavier. Do mushroom soup is best to choose a lighter smell of the material, so put together the smell does not conflict. 2 boiled after the fish back into the bowl. 3 respectively, Flammulina, Pleurotus eryngii and chopped mushroom seafood. PS: Mushroom nutrient rich, very suitable for baby food, but it’s not good for the baby to chew, so do the mushroom, must be chopped oh! Mushroom contains essential amino acids than the whole, in which lysine and arginine were the most abundant, and the zinc content is relatively high, especially for enhancing mental good effect and intellectual development of children’s height, commonly known as "Zeng Zhi mushroom"; mushroom is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and other minerals, can enhance the immune function of the baby; seafood mushrooms are rich in nutrition, protein carbohydrate accounted for 14.7%, 43.2%, 4.31% fat, 15.4% cellulose, contains 18 kinds of amino acid. 4 make an egg yolk, egg yolk separation, then beat. PS: in order to supply sufficient protein, so there is a best soup bean, egg, meat, so do mushroom soup can break an egg in soup. 5 pour a little oil into the pan, then add the garlic slices until golden brown. PS: give the baby to do the cooking oil to put less oil, but less, also have some damage to the pot. So although I added the right amount of oil, but actually only a little bit to the soup seasoning. 6 garlic oil well, take a little bit into the spare spoon, the rest of the garlic oil can be used in the production of adult edible dishes. 7 add a little warm water in egg yolk. PS: don’t add boiling water, otherwise it will become an egg. 8 then mix the egg yolk evenly. 9 after the water is boiled seafood mushroom, mushroom and mushroom into the pot and boil. .相关的主题文章: