Space floral art exhibition opening presents flower painting and cross-border cooperation widcomm

Space floral art exhibition opening presents flower painting and cross-border cooperation space designer does not want to be artists not good visual marketing designer. – seemingly nonsensical sentence in October 28th 16:00, "Narcissus you" space floral art exhibition opening ceremony was held in Cohim Gallery, the dream of the Greek mythology officially kicked off, finally meet with you. Ietcl presents echo flowers and paintings, like the psychedelic reflections in the water. In ancient Greek legend, there is a fairy in the mountains of the Echo fountain, she fell in love with the handsome young Narcissus, but Narcissus ignored Echo because depression haggard died, she sighs into crisp echo in the mountains. Works to change, based on the original floral design on color rendering, within sight but beyond reach, will be difficult to touch the feelings injected in the design, hanging branches or blooming flowers, seem to have to guard the feelings. Vanity handsome, graceful bearing, beautiful to the extreme beauty of young Narcissus, the forest goddess who are deeply in love with him. But Narcissus only love my own reflection. The natural sense of column type floral device seems to be the lake ripples, strong colors of the dream make Greek mythology more real show in space. Narcissus is a handsome boy, flowers, to reflect more of a "narcissistic" mood. Narcissus Narcissus smiles and waves at his reflection, as well as the shadow in the water. He fell in love with his reflection, day after day, he never left the lake. Only one thing to do every day is to sit at the water’s edge and look at your reflection. He will not love anyone in the world, Narcissus love only his own, but his own. Flower and painting combination frame not only show three-dimensional paintings, "beauty", even if the spread of infinite will have focus, not the end of the Greek mythology psychodelic will eventually be implemented, look forward to. Narcissistic narcissism frozen moment, because Narcissus can not reach the emotional depression die into the lake a small white flower, the flower head down to the lake, like staring at my reflection, which is called the narcissus flower. Since then, the day and night to reflect the thoughts of Narcissus, and Narcissus also derived from the word Narcissism, meaning "narcissism". Resin watering the flower, like ice, so that we can not only see the original structure inside the container is also beautiful, decoration and art, good things will always treasure, or more beautiful things can not touch. The new Cohim is committed to education for nearly 12 years, we always adhere to the fashion in the commanding heights of industry, open up new areas of various industries, constantly strive to become the pioneer of fashion life field "". In the era of big design, there is a new trend in the field of design – cross boundary design. It is based on fashion, art, life, vision, etc., is the designer 0相关的主题文章: