Sonhwa Yuanwang founding partner Cheng Hao optimistic about the prospects for VR but a year after th

Sonhwa Yuanwang founding partner Cheng Hao: optimistic about the prospects for VR but a year after the investment sonhwa Yuanwang founding partner Cheng Hao Sina Technology News September 14th afternoon news, hosted by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the C+ summit this morning, Sina officially opened in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel in the afternoon, the theme of "the future of the mirror" in the dialogue, the 4 forum guests on VR shared views. The 4 guests were thunder founder sonhwa Yuanwang, founding partner of Cheng Hao, ants as the founder and CEO of Qin Zheng, micro whale VR founder Ma Kai and former CCTV host, purple cow fund partner Zhang Quanling. Cheng Hao prior to the thunder founder well-known, but now, the identity of the new Internet veterans is a founding partner of sonhwa yuanwang. In the forum site, Cheng Hao first share as early investors for the current VR industry views, he believes that the current VR investment "small talk" is a reason, especially from the hardware, software and service three aspects, the current VR investment conditions are not very good, but he also stressed early, VR project will be cautious, but does not mean that B C rounds of mature project can not vote. In addition, Cheng Hao also VR industry investment shows that the time of the attitude, he believes that the current within 12 months, the investment of VR also may not be the main concern direction sonhwa Yuanwang fund. Finally, Cheng Hao also depicts the scene for the audience and the future prospects of the use of VR, he said in the long run, very optimistic. (Li Gen) following sonhwa Yuanwang founding partner of Cheng Hao view record excerpt: why VR investment in small talk? I am now the identity of investors. Overall I very much agree with the spirit of spring argument, and now in terms of the investment community, VR is a little thunder and rain. But a closer look at the reason is easy to understand, we sort out a few industries, hardware, software and operational services. In terms of hardware, there are several small tracks, helmets, input devices, gesture recognition, action recognition, decoding. From a big point of view, the hardware is indeed more difficult to cast, because the helmet from scratch, like PC helmet abroad has three, they do the product and ecology has been up, the domestic product is difficult to compete. From the input device, including the VR helmet, the helmet of the future of all standards, and now Google has been pushed out, the future of all manufacturers have to enter this field, which is not easy. Coupled with the machine, my personal point of view, is a transitional product, so the helmet is not easy to vote. Especially for early funding. On the input device, panoramic camera is a piece of the Red Sea, gesture recognition of this relative to some technical content, which do a little better, you do not want to vote. Aside from hardware, software, content and services. The whole is now into the software content services, the timing is a little bit early. For large industrial chain is concerned, a greater investment opportunities, software, content and services. We take smart phones as an example, when the mobile Internet comes, in fact, we may also be a few mobile phone manufacturers, in addition to millet has a very large investment.相关的主题文章: