Six plenary session of the Central Committee of planning (1) Su Rong said why put out too shameful mp7a1

Six plenary session of the Central Committee of planning (1): Su Rong said "why put out too shameful"? Editor’s note: from October 24th to the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee 27 held on the theme of the plenary session focused on "comprehensive strictly party political life" and "make certain criteria under the new situation". Review of anti-corruption process since eighteen, unprecedented efforts to fight corruption, over a hundred "tiger" into the cage, no iron hat king ", not" iron Dan book coupons". Prior to the convening of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau informed that, for a period of time, there have been some outstanding problems in the political life of the party, it is necessary to develop a new situation in the political life of the party guidelines." Stressed that "to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party under the new situation, the key is the leading organs and leading cadres at all levels, especially senior cadres are key members of the Central Committee, the Central Political Bureau, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. Senior cadres especially the central leadership members must set an example, abide by the party constitution, abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules, to forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move forward, to set an example, under the above rate, make a demonstration for the party.. Thus, the "comprehensive strictly, senior party corruption is to learn lessons, each party cadres should take these negative examples as mirror. Su Rong "the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee" series the first deputy national level Su Rong why say "now let me out too shameful"? Triggered widespread concern anti-corruption TV film forever on the road broadcast more than half. In October 20th fourth set "sword", former deputy national level officials sacked after Su Rong appeared for the first time. Su Rong in the film: "repent now let me out, I can’t go out, how to meet acquaintances, classmates, especially the old leadership, I am unable to meet, I have no face to see." Su Rong sacked officials after the eighteen, the typical representative of the family style corruption. The former Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei in 2015 NPC and CPPCC of his predecessor, Su Rong had a such evaluation: "Su Rong is the former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, former Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, is my predecessor. Su Rong’s problem, mainly in his local government during the period of nearly 10 years. He not only has the common features of other corrupt elements, there are some more serious outstanding performance, such as connivance of the family right to do the right to dry, the formation of family corruption, the impact is very bad." In March this year, "published China discipline inspection report" article "tradition" criticized the corrupt, Troubles start inside the house. Su Rong family, said Su Rong is a typical family of corruption. According to media reports, Su Rong has verified 13 family members involved, as couples together, father and son, brothers battle collusion, common enrichment laws. So, Su Rong family corruption family members who are involved? These family members and relatives is how to use the wealth of relationship between Su Rong? Wife: Yu Lifang, widely read June 2014 insatiably avaricious Su Rong was declared sacked after Yu Lifang’s name in the news burst of red. Yu Lifang is Su Rong’s second wife, during Su Rong served as party secretary of Jiangxi, in the Jiangxi political and business "in sister said she accused of repeatedly encroach on Jiangxi’s mineral resources, land, real estate development projects)相关的主题文章: