Since December 1st, a number of new banking regulations will affect your wallet kisstudou

Since December 1st, a number of bank regulations will affect your wallet in order to combat illegal communication network governance model, not long ago, the central bank issued the "Circular on strengthening the payment and settlement management to prevent matters related to telecommunication network crime model" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), from the personal account classification management, transfer and transfer efficiency, adjust the limit counter transfer transaction amount and amount, forced to clean up zombie households and build up a financial payment and settlement security. Express reporter invited Zhejiang bank Hangzhou branch manager Zhou, and asked him to talk about from the beginning of December 1st for the implementation of the new regulations is how to affect your pocketbook. ATM transfer within 24 hours can be revoked at present, banks generally provide real-time transfer arrival service, but also for the new communication network of criminals and other criminals fast transfer of funds provided an opportunity. "Notice" requirement from December 1st onwards, whether it is for the transfer at the counter or in the online banking and other electronic channels, a real-time arrival, ordinary arrival, arrived the next day and other transfer options. If the transfer through the ATM, from December 1st to 24 hours after the transfer of funds to the account. Arrival time 1 days later, to create a "regret" opportunity. After the transfer within 24 hours, if you are aware of the exchange the wrong account or do not want the money, to the issuing bank for cancellation of the transfer counter. Zhou said that in the telecommunications network of new types of crimes, the majority of the victims are lured by criminals, through the ATM to defraud account transfer. Most of the victims after the completion of the transfer of a short period of time to be deceived, but the funds have been transferred, and the criminals immediately transferred. With the transfer of the right to regret, you can help this part of the victims to restore unnecessary loss of property. A person have a debit card in a bank can only "notice" provisions, from December 1st onwards, the same person in the same bank can only open a class I, class I have to open a new account, then, shall open a class II or III, in the same payment institutions can only open a class III family. What kind of family, class II and class III households? So to understand it, I like "wife households account" is money out of "leading", the general is a debit card with access to cash, finance, transfer, payment and all other functions, there is no limit on the amount of consumption and transfer payment. Class II users can be regarded as the husband’s account, but can not take deposits, and can only be transferred to the wife’s account (class I account). Although it can not be transferred, but money and empty the car for the wife of the function of the car is still there, because you can pay on the payment platform, just a day to pay the limit of 10 thousand yuan. Class III is the child’s account, can only be used for online payment, mobile payment and other small consumer line, the account balance of not more than 1000 yuan. Then in December 1, 2016 has opened a number of class I family how to do? Will be affected by the provisions? Zhou manager let us rest assured that before the opening of the class I households are not affected by the provisions, still maintain normal use. However, the "notice" on December 1st before the same person to open more than one class households require banks.相关的主题文章: