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Sherlock, the United States continued to riot and a man shot was dying – Sohu news after police shot and killed a black riots, currently the city has entered a state of emergency according to Xinhua news agency, local time on September 21st, Sherlock, North Carolina, by the police shot and killed a black man riots in second days, and one person shot in the conflict, was dying. The governor of North Carolina declared a state of emergency. Riots continued according to Reuters reported that the evening of September 21st riots were originally just hundreds of people involved in calm demonstrations. As the crowd moved to a crossroads near a hotel in downtown Sherlock, a group of police officers met, surrounded by police, throwing fireworks and rubbish. Police then used rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades to disperse the crowd. Agence France-Presse said that a male protester in the confrontation in the gun fell to the ground, leaving a trail of blood on the sidewalk, and then was sent to hospital for treatment, relying on ventilator to sustain life. Police said the protesters shot civilians, police did not fire. Reuters quoted the Sherlock City Police Commissioner Kerr? Putney then reported that the victim has died. Two days of rioting in the North Carolina Governor Pat Mike? Rory Sherlock announced a state of emergency in the city. McCrory also announced on twitter website, has sent the National Guard and State Highway Patrol into the city of Sherlock, to assist local police to maintain order. Sherlock, mayor of the city of Jennifer, told CNN that authorities would consider a curfew if violence continues. She also urged people to stay at home, do not go to the streets. The cause of the September 21st riots each one sticks to his argument is 20 in the afternoon, the 43 year old black man Keith Scott was shot?. Police chief Patane told reporters, at that time in the parking lot of northeast Sherlock, a community in front of the apartment, the police are searching for a suspect, they found Scott with a pistol, he asked him to get off and put down their weapons. "He walked out, threatening to police officer Bulunteli Vincent then shot in the goal?." Patane said. However, he could not confirm whether Scott will be at gunpoint against a police officer". The police described the incident and the families of Scott’s argument is very different. Family members told the local media, Scott was waiting for his son at school bus station to school, he was not a pistol but a book. But this statement was partney explicitly denied, he insisted that the police seized a pistol. "". Clashes between police and local residents were angry about the armed police rhetoric. Tassi J A? Williams’s daughter and Scott’s son to school, she said in the same school, Putney "lying", is "the police took the book, for a gun". The evening of September 20th, more than 100 black students gathered in the community, a protest against the killing of innocent people. Police said some of the protesters joined the protests, violence, some protesters had blocked a interstate highway. From the evening of 20 to 21 after.相关的主题文章: