Shenzhen Metro chairman Tan Vanke shares there are 2 billion annual dividend on the bet

The president of the Shenzhen Metro: a bet on shares of China Vanke annual dividend of 2 billion in the confused Bao million dispute, shares of Shenzhen Metro program once popular, so what is the purpose of the Shenzhen subway in? The NDRC website news show, held in city rail transit in the national development and Reform Commission in September 8th the organization of investment and financing mechanism innovation seminar, Shenzhen Metro Group Chairman Lin Maode in the Shenzhen subway operation experience said, the next step in Shenzhen to do three things: one is to continue to explore the "Rail + property mode, continued in the four period of the planning and construction of reserve land resources, land resources; the two is to have an open mind the mentality of reform and innovation, make PPP, with more than two lines in the PPP standard construction, the introduction of social capital, build PPP construction model; the three is to let Shenzhen Superstructure property securitization of the subway. Asset securitization, the cover property in Lin Maode said, "we all know that we are involved in a listed company, but also can not say, many people asked why I participate in, first, I told him to bet, we take you about 2000000000 shares, must keep every year (per share) a money to me, to give me 2 billion points per year, equivalent to the cash flow is very good. Second, it increased 100 times over the past 20 years, the next ten years to grow 1 times I earn 50 billion, an increase of 2 times I earn 100 billion, I have a loan repayment source." Although Lin Maode did not specify the name of the listed company, but as he said, we all know, the company should be vanke. In June 17th this year, the latest progress in the development of Vanke asset restructuring, the new strategic shareholders officially surfaced, the subway will be injected into the assets of 45 billion 613 million yuan more than the treasure can be the largest shareholder of vanke. The announcement, Vanke intends to buy and hold Shenzhen Metro Group Qianhai international 100% stake to issue shares, the initial trading price of 45 billion 613 million yuan, the transaction price of all transactions to issue shares to pay for preliminary determine the price of shares issue price of 15.88 yuan per share, the pricing benchmark 60 trading days before the stock Vanke the transaction price of 93.61%. According to this calculation, Vanke will issue 2872355163 shares of A shares to the Metro group. Vanke, the track + property, the biggest advantage is to provide a new model of project development. The scarcity of land resources under the background of the core city, by closely involved in rail transit PPP mode, actively looking for subway construction activated along the land development opportunities, will become a huge potential access project. However, the program was followed by Huarun and Po can oppose. In August 22nd this year held in Hongkong Vanke interim results conference, talked about the acquisition of shares issued by the company of Shenzhen Metro assets, the Secretary of the board of directors Zhu Xu said that the current program has yet to get through, the company is to communicate with the parties, hopes to improve the program and again submitted to the board of directors, stressed that Vanke not to abandon plans. Sun Jia, executive vice president of the company also stressed that the acquisition of Shenzhen Metro assets never P;相关的主题文章: