Shenzhen into the mainland’s most bitter city for half a year wages arrived at 1 square meters of ho christie stevens

Shenzhen into the mainland’s most bitter city for half a year wages arrived at 1 square meters of housing prices – Sohu finance   Jilin Province Dongfeng Street next to a commercial housing construction site. Reference News Network September 1st reported Taiwan media said the mainland housing market continues to rise, the rate of housing prices is far more than a lot of people salary increase rate, if in accordance with the average price of the average wage of the city and the proportion of each city residents living pressure, Shenzhen ranked first, become, "the most bitter City, do not eat or drink for half a year wages can only buy one square meter. According to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on August 31st, recently, standard ranking, BOSS direct hire jointly issued the first half of 2016, the most bitter city rankings, the core index is the ratio of the average monthly salary of each city in July 2016 the average price per square meter in 2016 and the city, also is the housing price to income ratio. The results showed that the top 10 were Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Sanya, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Wenzhou and Tianjin. Reported that Shenzhen in July the average price of 50842 yuan, the average monthly salary of 7467 yuan, the price to income ratio of 6.81, ranking first, a move that half of the wages to buy a square meters; the average price of 47619 yuan in Beijing, price earnings ratio of 6.17, Shanghai ranked second; the average price of 43052 yuan, the price income ratio of 5.67, ranked third. 60 cities, ranked last in Changchun, the average price of 6471 yuan, pay $5268, the price income ratio of 1.23. Overall, the north deep first-tier cities housing price income ratio is significantly higher than the second tier city, but the city is affected by the "crowding out effect", the second city residents began to spare no effort to catch up. There are 2 years ago from Shenzhen to Changsha real estate sales work, said in the North Canton and other cities, wages will never catch up with the rate of price increases. Changsha may be a better place to live.相关的主题文章: