Shanghai Media Referee too much indulgence on the players to get 1 shares Hengda harvest diamondprox

Shanghai Media: Referee too soft on the Hong Kong Hengda players get 1 points have a super focus of the war both fiercefighting harvest morning news reporter Yu Jiong last night in the only two foreign aid in Shanghai on the Hong Kong home court drew 0:0 with all the main battle of Guangzhou evergrande. The whole game stalemate, the Hong Kong team of three defensive defensive tactics played a good role. If the infringement on the Hong Kong team back no Conca and El Eriksson, the main defender Jin Zhou Rong also injured, in the face of the league leaders Guangzhou Evergrande, the Hong Kong team coach Erickson simply discharged a counterattack with three defensive midfielders. Cai Huikang and Wang Shenchao in front of the defensive line, a little before the, the role of the role of the three are active in the midfield interception, and Hengda control of the midfield. Evra and Wu Lei in the two flank to defend, Hulk is at the top of the front. And in the fight back, mainly through Evra and the speed of the threat to Hengda’s goal of the speed of Hulk. This is a basic work in the first half, although Zheng Zhi kick hit the crossbar, GalAT Yan Junling’s penalty was saved, but the Hong Kong team has the opportunity to break. Especially the Hulk with a strong body and skilled technical breakthrough times Hengda side line. But when the attack on the Hong Kong team, as the referee for the Yellow Yejun Hengda players too large defensive action is too permissive to ball on the Hong Kong team players in attack frequently violated, but did not hear the whistle, which directly help Hengda "resolve" several times the opportunity to fight back on the Hong Kong team. The second half of the second half hurk physical decline is almost a replica of the first half, in the face of the Hong Kong team three defensive midfielders, Hengda is also very difficult to find opportunities in the middle, can only rely on xiadichuanzhong to seek opportunities. While the port team continues to be Hu and Evra led the fight back, but over time, Hu’s physical fitness decreased significantly, the threat is greatly reduced. However, the counter attack on the Hong Kong team also brought Hengda not a small pressure, especially Hengda just kicked a Football Association Cup semi-finals in the second round of the game, physical condition. The final stage of the game, two defender Kim and Chen Zepeng Hengda are physical overdraft, suffered serious injuries, unable to continue to adhere to the game, because Scolari has run out of all substitutions, the last two or three minutes is equal to 9 men. The two teams were unable to break the opponent’s goal, 0:0 results remain in the final. For the pursuit of the Hong Kong team next season AFC Champions League qualification is to get a point in Guangzhou Evergrande ranked first in the body, also be harvested. The Hong Kong team in the final 4 games left in the game, because the Orangemen to play World Cup, so the next game and Jiangsu Suning game to October 15th.相关的主题文章: