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Shanghai City, the Federation held 60 anniversary conference – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 23 (reporter Xu Jing) Shanghai Municipal Federation was founded 60 anniversary of the General Assembly held in Shanghai 23, from dozens of countries and regions overseas guests, overseas Chinese associations and overseas Chinese representatives of more than 800 people attending the meeting. Vice chairman of the Shanghai Federation of overseas Chinese President Shen Min Chinese reviews the history of the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation of Shanghai city at the conference, summarizes the main work of the Federation of Shanghai city in 60 years. Shen Min pointed out that in 60 years the Federation work the most important principle is to adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, spiritual wealth is the largest overseas Chinese patriotic spirit of dedication, the main line is the most basic cohesion Qiaoxin, convergence overseas intelligence, play overseas forces, maintain overseas interests, the most powerful protection is to comprehensively strengthen self construction. Shen Min suggested that Shanghai City Federation should firmly correct direction of the work of the Federation, the construction of the Shanghai service center, unite overseas Chinese community consensus and promote the deepening reform of the federation. The CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee United Front Work Department of Hailin Federation of Shanghai city Changsha to congratulate the 60 anniversary of the establishment, and an important contribution to the Shanghai Municipal Federation has done 60 years of work in Shanghai and the returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to Shanghai’s reform and opening up and economic and social development has given full affirmation. Sha Hailin said, Shanghai City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese at a new starting point, do not forget the early heart, make persistent efforts, give full play to the role of bridge, the more widely the unity of the returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, to make new and greater contributions to the innovation and development of Shanghai. Sha Hailin said, "the Shanghai Municipal Federation should play the advantages of talent aggregation contact a wide range of advantages, overseas Chinese home advantage, and the advantage of reform and innovation in serving the overall situation, promote new exchanges, as its own construction and service of overseas chinese". The same day, the old returned overseas Chinese on behalf of He Tianfa, the new overseas Chinese representatives He Fengzhen and Zheng, grassroots Workers Federation of overseas Chinese representatives Gong Liming speaking, elaborated his "indissoluble bound with the federation". (end)相关的主题文章: