Second debates on the eve of the U.S. presidential election the two parties candidates embarrassment

The U.S. presidential election on the eve of the second debate: the two candidates Qi embarrassment Wen Wang Danwei Washington presidential election second debate in 9 will be Beijing time on the morning of October 10th, held at University of Washington in the United States, the debate moderator is ABC news Martha Raddatz and CNN Anderson Cooper. The second debate, similar to the form of a town hall meeting, the two candidates will be in a relatively small space with the audience, half of the questions will be presented by the host, the other half by the audience. The debate in the form of a town hall meeting, which is closer to the audience, is generally considered to reflect the real side of the debate. Preparations for the two party candidates, but also highlight their respective advantages and disadvantages. Hilary on policy issues knew by heart. It is reported that before the second debate, the Democratic candidate Hilary focused on practicing his gestures, expressions and other expression skills. Trump, the Republican candidate, laughed at his opponent and said, "I don’t need a rehearsal." In an interview last week, the Trump team said that the town hall meeting form can let the audience feel the directness of his personality, and Hilary hypocritically kindly, contrast. But, it is Trump in the first debate, exposed the arbitrariness and not familiar with the policy, "Trump was flawed outside evaluation". Trump on the eve of the second debate on the eve of the debate, the candidates for both parties, both Trump and the new public relations crisis in the fall of the. "Washington Post" in the afternoon of October 7th, the disclosure of a section of Trump’s dialogue in 2005, over and over again this week in the United States on various television stations. Eleven years ago, when Trump was in a soap opera, he talked about how to make use of his reputation and married women. This tape is vulgar, and contain obscene and insulting to women’s remarks. Hilary described this recording as "terrorist", and Trump’s vice presidential candidate Michael Pence also said that he could not accept Trump eleven years ago, but for Trump’s remarks, welcomed the apology. Trump after the incident has become a "fireman", to make an apology, said after his life never withdraw from the tournament, the possibility of withdrawing from the presidential campaign to zero, also claimed that Hilary’s husband, former president Bill · Clinton’s speech "; privately without". "People who know me know that these recordings don’t reflect the real me. I said these words, I was wrong, I apologize, I am now running around to participate in the presidential election, the process has changed me, I seriously talk about employment, trade and other issues." Trump said in an apology. The first debate, Trump limelight in the polls is strong. In a widely watched Real Clear Politics poll, Trump once and the support of the gap narrowed to 0.9 percentage points of the Hilary. In October 7th, after the announcement of the recording, the same poll shows that Hilary 47.6% to lead by the end of the year by 4.7 percentage points of. In the second debate, women will undoubtedly occupy a certain amount of space. Trump once table.相关的主题文章: