Samsung note 7 was a global ban on the current domestic electricity supplier platform is still norma acbel

Samsung Note 7 by a wide range of global ban domestic electricity business platform is still normal sales of Tencent technology news (Sun Hongchao) September 19th news, recently, listed near the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has caused many explosion accidents due to battery defects, many of the world’s aviation sector will be included in the dangerous goods. At present, including the United States, Japan, Australia, China and other countries, the transportation sector and some airlines to carry or use the mobile phone issued a ban on flights. Samsung is also a global recall of the issue of mobile phones, but the phone was sold in mainland China was not listed in the Samsung recall. Samsung had previously claimed, because (China) uses a different battery supplier, it is not included in the recall category." But at the same time, Samsung Electronics for Hongkong and Taiwan, the two markets have announced the recall of Note7 announcement. According to Tencent science and technology, Samsung Galaxy Note7 in the country’s major electricity supplier platform is still in normal sales, not under the shelf. Gome online and (micro-blog) in the Alibaba, Tmall, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note7 also did not stop sales, today still has commented: "love love note7. Samsung, although the explosion, but still preferred." Jingdong also did not stop the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note7, the goods has been sold out shows in proprietary page. These several major electricity providers are Tencent technology, said Samsung Galaxy Note7 is not off the shelf, not sure whether the future will continue to purchase and sales.相关的主题文章: