Russian media Russia and North Korean workers Gang Arsenal jiqingwuyuetian

Russian media: Russia and North Korean workers brawl data figure original title: Arsenal chariot factory Russia: Russian media: Russia and North Korean workers Gang according to the Russian Deita news agency reported on September 16th at Arsenal, Primorye – Burma, the Russian construction team and construction team fights in North Korea the stars in the factory. Factory representatives told the agency that the construction contract firms "Kell" hired workers to fight. North Korean workers were given building materials marked with their logo. Russian workers came to the site of the material piling up and started loading – they also needed such building materials. See this scene, a group of North Korean workers rushed over, do not let Russian workers touch these materials, and started shouting and pushing. A Russian workers pushed North Korean workers to start qunjia. The factory representative pointed out that this is not the first fight, North Korean workers have been staring at who use their mark of building materials, if found a similar situation, or even destroy others will strike violently, the building has been built.相关的主题文章: