Reported 6 dead and 25 injured passengers list of the new network – induced hangrui high-speed rear -cibi

Jiangxi hangrui speed rear end accident caused 6 dead 25 injured passengers announced Beijing Chinese – Jiangxi network news trainee reporter Zheng Zhou? Reports: reporters from the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment directly under the two was informed that on the 24 day of hangrui speed occurred two car rollover accident, rushed to the hospital the injured passengers are invalid two treatment, number of deaths caused by the accident rose to 6 people, including 1 people injured, 3 people were slightly injured. At 16:14 on August 24th, a large road traffic accident occurred in the nine section of Hangzhou Jiangxi expressway. A car driving by the driver Chen Hubei ALY828 large ordinary passenger cars (core set of 59 people, carrying 57 people) along the hangrui highway from Jingdezhen to Jiujiang direction of travel, hit the front of a truck light dump Jiangxi HY9308 driver Moumou driving, causing two car out of the guardrail and rollover caused by Hubei ALY828 the car 4 people were killed and 2 people died, 1 people injured, 3 people were slightly injured (no life-threatening injuries), 21 human epidermal abrasion in hospital, large road traffic accidents two vehicles damaged in varying degrees. After the accident, nine landscape management in Jiangxi province high speed group first time to organize personnel to the scene to carry out rescue work, road traffic not affected. To remind the Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province Traffic Management Bureau: hot weather, not speeding, driving keep safe distance, don’t stop, don’t change lanes at random, do not fatigue driving, ensure traffic safety; the driver and passengers in the vehicle on the way please fasten your safety belt.相关的主题文章: