Report 54% of graduates will network anchor as an ideal career

Report: 54% of the graduates will be a network anchor as an ideal occupation according to "big data" report of 2016 college graduates to show that emerging occupation list for most graduates, 54% of people choose to anchor the red net. However, it is really easy to make money through the live platform? Big data report of 2016 college graduates to the various types of live (excerpt) at present, in the form of live tends to be diversity, interaction between from the original simple anchor and fans, to now derived from the game of life, travel, anchor and other live live live content. Game live. Want to become a professional game anchor, it goes without saying that, first of all you have to be a game master, and to squeeze a lot of time to repeat the operation day after day, pondering the various routines. Talk show live. It may be easy to make a person laugh, but it’s not just to say that thousands of people across the screen get your smile. But very few people have funny genes, want to become a good funny anchor, must take great efforts to temper. Talent show. This is the most common theme of the broadcast platform. Singing, dancing, performing musical instruments, seems to be the most simple form, but because it is more easily than other live content, so the competitive pressure is relatively large. Want to break out their own talent in a live broadcast of a piece of heaven, but more difficult. Live live. Get together with friends, go to the party, even cook at home, bring your own adorable face. The most comfortable way to live seems to make people feel very relaxed, does not affect the life but also to make money. But how to attract everyone’s attention, so that fans do not feel boring is the most worthy of reflection of life anchor. Anchor source of income where? The main income of the network anchor comes from the fans gift". Fans through recharge and other means to buy the platform dedicated gold, and then gold to buy virtual gifts to anchor. The anchor will be based on the live broadcast platform signed into agreement to obtain income. Of course, there are a small part of the anchor has a large fan base, with open network red Taobao stores and other sideline effect. However, the network was broke, female anchor monthly income of millions of news is still not practical. According to informed sources, anchor month basic salary in the thousands of dollars, I had a million. And just started only a few hundred dollars or even anchor income. Signing brokerage companies or choose free? In general, people who want to become a professional network anchor will choose to sign the economic company. After the application of the anchor on the Internet, there will be a video interview with the economic company, after the interview will be signed with it. Then, after considering the shape and sound characteristics of each anchor, it will be extended to different live platforms. After the signing of the anchor must be extracted from their own income of 30% to 60% to the economy, they get lower commission. Moreover, the anchor in the broadcast platform’s every move has been closely monitored by the economic company, very little freedom of choice. However, only in the army Free anchor anchor still accounted for just 10% is excusable. After all, in the absence of packaging and publicity, want to rely on one’s own相关的主题文章: