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Qinling Mountains cement accounts receivable more than 1 billion 500 million several times will increase the added liquidity of accounts receivable over total assets of more than 1 billion 500 million half of Qinling Mountains cement by increasing blood each reporter Zhang Jing intern reporter Wang Peng since 2015 after the stripping of the cement business, Qinling Mountains cement (600217, SH) changed the operating conditions, as the company previously "the performance of reversing the continuous loss of face". Another obvious change is that the company’s accounts receivable is increasing, in the past year to maintain more than 1 billion yuan. 2016 semi annual report released in August 30th by the Qinling Mountains cement company, current operating income and net profit fell flat. The accounts receivable amounted to 1 billion 548 million yuan, more than half of the total assets of the company, the company’s cash flow was tight. Qinling Mountains cement secretaries do a staff member to the daily economic news reporter admitted that the company also noted (accounts receivable high) this situation, but also very hard and actively want to do a good job." In order to ease the tight cash flow and debt ratio is too high, Qinling Mountains cement will be added to supplement the liquidity. The company in August 16th issued by the scheduled increase shows that the company plans to raise no more than 462 million yuan to supplement working capital, the current plan has not been approved. Qinling Mountains cement in the report also said, in the face of complex and severe external economic environment, the company actively promote non-public offering of shares to raise liquidity, while strengthening management, reducing the efficiency. Optimize the structure of disassembling and recycling of waste electrical and electronic products, and actively extend the industrial chain, increase the fine sorting of waste electrical and electronic products dismantling and processing, enhance value-added products, to ensure that the level of profitability. Accounts receivable Qinling Mountains cement semi annual report shows that the current company achieved operating income of 568 million yuan, down by 26.88%, net profit of $25 million 580 thousand, down by 67.88%. The reason for the net revenues to double down, the company explained that the decline in performance is mainly affected by market competition and commodity prices downward impact, resulting in the company of waste electrical and electronic products dismantling decline caused by the. It is worth noting that, stripped of the cement business after the Qinling Mountains cement, although the improvement of the performance loss situation, but its accounts receivable has increased significantly, making the company more serious cash flow. Data show that as of June 30, 2016, Qinling Mountains cement accounts receivable was 1 billion 548 million yuan, an increase of $1 billion 239 million compared with the beginning of the year, $309 million, while $1 billion 548 million is close to the company’s operating income for the year in 2015. Daily economic news reporter noted that the largest amount of accounts receivable is a non related parties, the amount of 1 billion 518 million yuan. Qinling Mountains cement in June 30, 2015, in December 31, 2015 and in June 30, 2016 accounts receivable were 1 billion 180 million yuan, $1 billion 240 million and $1 billion 550 million. Its net assets accounted for 51% of the total assets at the end of the year, respectively, 51% and 54%. Company accounts receivable is not only a large scale, and the growth rate is also very obvious. "Theory相关的主题文章: