PetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical Industries Co turn the haze to marry us unscientific – Sohu news haywire

Sichuan oil Petrochemical Industries Co: the haze to marry our unscientific Sohu – Chengdu Daily News reported on November 19th, 15, Chengdu start heavy pollution weather three level plan, the city of a foggy condition. Sichuan China oil Petrochemical Industries Co of party work for any Xiangyu, received a friend a not polite phone, "you are not in production? Haze is so large, is not caused by you?" Any feel very aggrieved, our machine is open, but how haze blame on our heads?" There are a variety of reasons for the formation of haze, such as automobile exhaust, urban construction dust, open-air barbecue, coal, etc.. Legend is due to the haze caused by Petrochemical Industries Co in Sichuan, is seriously inconsistent with the facts." Ren Xiangyu’s colleague, safety and environmental protection department responsible for the sun Rangong said, "the haze completely passed on to us, is not scientific." The environmental protection investment about 4000000000 emissions better than the national standard 16 days afternoon 5 when, as Xiangyu climbed to the 11 floor office building on the top floor, overlooking the distance, "when the weather is good, here is able to see the snow capped mountains. It’s such a fine day today that we didn’t stop working." I think this is a good example, that our emissions, and not about the weather in Chengdu." Sun Rangong pointing to the distance a row of thick and short barrel, equipment, as long as it began to take the steam, some people see it big, it is a major source of pollution, it is actually just a "cooling tower", "is a lot of equipment needed to heat the heat to the cooling tower. It can reduce the temperature to normal twenty or thirty degrees, and the cooling water can be recycled." As for the outside of the steam mist, in fact, is the "steam", "without smoke." There is a factory installed in the environmental protection department of the detector, specialized monitoring sulfur dioxide index. The reporter was taken over, I saw the door tightly shut, "by the third party staff to open." Across the glass, a series of figures on the LCD screen to jump out: sulfur dioxide emissions of 30.02mg m3. National standard is 550mg m3, our exhaust emissions not only meet the relevant standards, but also better than the relevant standards." Sun Rangong owes much to high standards in environmental protection investment, oil refining device adopts full hydrogenation process, meet the national cleaner production indicators, refining integration projects a total investment of 37 billion 500 million yuan, of which, 4 billion 190 million yuan investment in environmental protection, "the world in refining enterprises investment in environmental protection is also among the best." For some people questioned on the network, especially Xiangyu Ren said, "we welcome the majority of the people of Chengdu friends organized to visit the factory, understand the production and operation of the entire plant." During the G20 meeting in Chengdu has not shut down production of gasoline are wildly beating gongs and drums in fact from V in January last year to now, our production unit has not stopped, has been in continuous operation." Ren Xiangyu special mention, that is, during the G20 Chengdu conference, they did not interrupt the production plant, the realization of a safe and environmentally friendly continuous long run". Ren Xiangyu special mention G20 conference","相关的主题文章: