Parents anxious to start school children to help bear homework zibba

Parents suffering from acute " " school anxiety; help " " bear children; make up the new network activity in the newspaper news (reporter Niu Weikun) "which can get back to school to pay some kind of homework?" "Is not to write the number of words outside of the completion of the work on the line ah?" "Well, there’s a number of homework!"…… School soon, many parents because of the work of the group of things up. Painting, tabulation, models, all kinds of manual…… Look at their own children in the hands of all kinds of work list, many parents could not help but sigh, "now this work, their children couldn’t finish ah", "I remember when I was small, fast start is hard for homework, but my parents never seem to worry about, now completely reversed, parents are worried to death the child is very calm, the play, the rub them." Difficult 1 how to make up for public service? Ms. sun to help the son of the first year finishing homework found that the children of the public service activities of the leak. Schools require children to engage in volunteer activities according to their own holidays, making a tabloid, including service logs, service photos, etc.. Ms. sun went to the neighborhood committee to ask whether there is anything that can allow children to participate in public welfare activities, neighborhood response has been organized, you did not catch up with." "This public welfare activities let us have a headache, to where to go to participate in public welfare activities." Ms. sun believes that such operations if there is no effective organization and planning, it is easy to become a mere formality, not only the children can not get any exercise, but also become a burden. 2 how to hand in hand? In the eyes of Mr. Zhang, the son of the list of all the most difficult task is "scientific practice". From the alternative task a lot, they chose the most simple: make a hat with creative home waste cans. But this is the most simple task, two people are still busy for a whole afternoon, "in fact, mostly I do, my son just hit." The job is done, but how to submit also let Zhang headache. Originally, the son of the last semester of scientific practice job is to use paper cups built a model, work is too big, can’t bring it to school, but later took photos to the class group, did not receive the teacher’s response, Mr. Zhang was very worried about this scene again. 3 how to read? Bright mom looked at his son’s job to worry about, "too complicated, children couldn’t finish." Bright mother as an example, based on scientific practice, each task has a large compression documentation, no parents help children to download, even the operation requirements are not clear. In Chinese and English subjects in some schools require children to read in their own way to make love after reading cards, drawing pictures, reading some Chinese Pinyin well, children can read themselves; English readers buy back to parents to help look at, children do not possess ability to read independently." Parents said, now is not our children before school anxiety, our parents than the child anxiety 1相关的主题文章: