your name is expected to introduce piracy or a box office block 519697

"" your name "is expected to introduce or hinder piracy in the Japanese cinema box office now, Makoto Shinkai animated new" your name "has become the biggest dark horse from Japan annual box office champion. Since the release in Japan, your name, in addition to the harvest full of praise, the box office results are all the way up, burst out of a large number of box office results. How could such a good film be missed in china! Recently, the online news show, "your name" animation "is preparing for the introduction of China! Your name is "new". "According to the latest statistics show that" animation "your name" in Japan in ten days exceeded 3 billion 800 million yen (about 250 million yuan), and the results have been tied to Japan in 2016, the highest grossing film "Star Wars" with the force awakening period at the box office (released two weeks at the box office of 3 billion 840 million yen). If this trend is likely to continue to beat the new "Godzilla" become a recent box office. Your name is "new". "Under the influence of this heat, this work is expected to be released in China, according to friends broke the news, because the work has obtained the quite good box office in Japan, which started in the film in the negative attitude of the issuer also changed the view, for instance in the recent after you can run the introduction of procedures and determine the schedule. Your name is "new". "But in the recently appeared on a screen version of pirate sources, the film can be released in China variables. Whistleblowers also called Mr. Shinkai’s support for the fans to boycott pirated films at the box office, communication. If the box office can not reach the expected level, the future introduction of such animated film will be difficult. Whistleblowers, called for a boycott of piracy "your name" is a description of a young girl who have never met before, they are living in two different environments, but because of the mysterious dreams and the intersection. Life in the mountains of rural water three palace to meteor, I hope I can become Tokyo handsome high school students, the results after the exchange of the identity of the dream. (source: swim fast network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

Futures Company restart the listing of three new board 4 companies queuing approach jodie foster

Futures Company to restart the listing of three new board 4 companies lined up to enter the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Chen Dongsheng recently, the stock transfer system to clear the Futures Company public transfer instructions disclosure requirements, marking the listing of three new board Futures Company restart. Securities Times reporter found that the disclosure of stock transfer system before the date of the latest in the basic situation of enterprises to apply for listing, Guangzhou futures, futures, Funeng chaos Tiancheng futures, first financial futures CPI 4 Futures Company in the column. Futures Company landing three new board relative to other financial industries, the futures industry profitability is poor, and the Futures Company between the strength of the gap is large, medium and small Futures Company basically missed the main board, small board, the new board provides the door of hope for the Futures Company to enter the capital market. Up to now, there are 5 Futures Company listed on the new board. Guangzhou futures general manager Yan Ruozhong told reporters that the three new board listed on Futures Company operation put forward higher requirements, at the same time, the new board provides capital operation platform for Futures Company, can enhance the company’s capital strength, improve service ability and competition ability. In October 29, 2014, the Commission issued a formal implementation of "Futures Company supervision and management measures", the shareholders of the Futures Company will expand the scope of legal person to China by unit and natural person, cleared the policy barriers for the development of the capital market by Futures Company. In December 26th, the Commission issued the "notice" on issues related to the relevant business system of securities institutions involved in the stock, clear securities and futures business institutions to support the use of the national share transfer system of capital, and enhance the ability to resist risks. Deregulation of the regulatory authorities to open the financing channel for Futures Company, but also to bring new opportunities for the development of the industry. Share transfer system for listing the basic situation of enterprises in the trial table display, Guangzhou futures and futures Funeng review progress for feedback reply review, chaos Tiancheng futures and financial futures CPI first review the progress to issue feedback. Data show that chaos Tiancheng futures, Guangzhou futures, futures, CPI Funeng Xianrong futures 2015 net profit of 55 million 524 thousand and 100, 18 million 87 thousand and 300, 8 million 443 thousand and 300, 4 million 9 thousand. Financing channels to expand the size of the net capital has plagued the development of small Futures Company, listed three new board will undoubtedly broaden the financing channels of Futures Company. Reporters combed 5 Futures Company have been listed on the new board of the refinancing situation, in addition to HNA futures not to refinance, the other 4 Futures Company were refinanced, total financing amount of 2 billion 570 million yuan. Among them, the Yongan futures has issued two times, the largest amount of financing, a total of $2 billion 18 million financing. The remaining 3 Futures Company financing amount less, and three new board companies generally exist financing problems. As of yesterday, the total number of three new board listed company has reached 8977, this week is expected to sprint the 9000 mark. And the number of Listed Companies in sharp contrast to the theory of相关的主题文章:

Jin Liqun Asian investment bank is not a copy of the existing institutions will be expanded to 90 me mcncc

Jin Liqun: Asia Investment Bank is not existing institutions copycat version members will expand to 90 of the Zhang Qingning Zhang Qin in August 25th, China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum 2016 Summer summit opened in Xi’an City, the Asian infrastructure investment bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Asian investment bank") group president Jin Li as a special guest keynote speech. Jin Liqun said that since the opening of the Asian investment bank, and steadily promote the construction of institutions and business operations, fully cooperate with existing multilateral development institutions, the first four projects in the joint financing of the three. Some of the country’s development and commercial institutions, have wanted to establish a cooperation mechanism with the Asian investment bank. Jin Liqun said that the successful construction of the Asian investment bank and successfully opened, is attracting more and more countries to participate. Beginning in September this year, the Asian investment bank will start the more than and 30 member states to submit applications for membership review process. Up to now, a total of 57 Members of the Asian investment bank, which is expected to reach 90, covering the world’s top five continents. In January 16, 2016, the establishment of Asian investment bank Council meeting, Jin Liqun was elected the first president of the Asian investment bank. The following is he in the summit speech, active cooperation, common development, Jin Liqun President China in Yabuli entrepreneurs forum 2016 Summer summit speech dear Hu Heping governor, distinguished entrepreneur friends, good morning everyone! I am very pleased to be invited to participate in the summit, to have the opportunity to communicate with many outstanding entrepreneurs. The Chinese government advocates innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development ideas, not only in China, but also in the world has been widely recognized and resonance. These ideas, not only to meet the new requirements of economic and social development, but also effectively fit the entrepreneurial function and spirit. Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is the leader of the concept of practice and innovation. A new wave of entrepreneurial boom, has been formed in China, and the formation of a global spillover effect. We are pleased to see that the internationalization of Chinese entrepreneurs and the globalization of the layout of the ability to continue to expand and enhance the contribution to the growth of countries and global economic growth. Of course, this process, also put forward new requirements for entrepreneurs, need to face new challenges and challenges. The successful construction and opening of the Asian investment bank, also reflects the practice of the development of these five ideas. From the beginning, the guiding ideology is very clear, the existing multilateral development institutions good experience and practice, to learn from, but not to clone them, but innovation and development. As the first Asian developing countries led by the new multilateral development institutions, governance mechanism innovation, ensure that the board of directors of all functions and play under the premise, established very in the system of the board of directors, in order to improve efficiency, save cost; in improving the efficiency of decision-making at the same time, establish a very clear accountability mechanism and project procurement; staff recruitment, open to the world; according to the actual situation of the international standard and developing countries, establish a set of environmental and social policies, fully embodies the idea of green development; mainly in the infrastructure to support the object, to promote interoperability, precisely in order to promote regional linkage shared development. Since the opening of the Asian investment bank, with streamlined, clean and green development principle, stability!相关的主题文章:

Intermediary exposure the way you walk through the real estate on the road

Intermediary sellers admit: you walk by the "routine" of September in Dongguan is currently the most expensive land one after another, the inflection point or mountainside debate, buy the sellers who won or lost the balance, but it is certain that the real estate intermediary to earn a lot. At the same time, Shenzhen off, the local passenger out of the house, and other disputes soared, some intermediary accused of routines deep. The industry does have some routines." A Cheng (request a pseudonym) is a "edge" after 90, not tall, medium build, even in the dog days, put the shirt into trousers strict in demands, this year he will be on hand from the second-hand housing intermediary business to yishoufang. The reporter knew him for four years, usually also friends, intimate, he is willing to talk about the intermediary in the eyes of the routine. "March Dalang Grand Plaza is so check out. Our entire April Shenzhen passengers plummeted. Later, once the industry chaos has been reported, we is a lot of damage." A Cheng said, then his confession, more is good, look forward to the industry to improve the environment: the environment, some of the practices I inevitably walk on the edge, but I really appreciate this industry, also want to do it, so I hope it better." An intermediary, exposing personal information: 1, more than and 200 calls a day, about 32 showings every real estate intermediary to get customers personal information, name, telephone, real estate, this is not an "unknown" secret. We know it’s a gray area, and we have to do it. Get these calls, we start at nine every morning, one by one, "Kim Gu" hit the time of the more than and 200. The reporter confirmed: the reporter saw in A Cheng’s agency, a staff spend list, one by one phone salesman, if rebuffed, making a mark, for a period of time again; if asked the price asked lots, is marked as the key learning object. One day about 32 showings, the results have been good. 2, cross city house: on the "sunk cost" of the psychological warfare how the largest auction house? Of course, the scene showings, in particular, the kind of special point of view of the inter city house, as long as the customer is willing to the past, there is a probability of about three or four, the next is the psychological warfare. I take them to see Huizhou Dongjiang Palace House on the edge of Shilong, 8000 yuan a square metre, usually work to Dongcheng Nancheng also need 1.5 hours to the subway to the bus. Began to see the support of the customer is disappointed, most people hold so far to come, do not come to the white, the psychological change for a disk to look at it again and again for a long time, as if the psychological book called sunk costs". Grind, the guest bought a bite. The reporter confirmed: compared to the guest site subscription, from the sense of crisis is easier to mobilize. In March the Longwan Department of the opening period, shun the bus pulled several car Shenzhen people around, many people said: "model of the housing and the surrounding environment without looking at" directly "grab room" atmosphere scared, the money to the intermediary queue, rush into the room, a few seconds in order to choose. A great white Shenzhen, sales offices in the afternoon to call Nandu reporter broke the news: "in the morning rush to raise the impulse, the afternoon and push, originally did not grab, also not want to call deposit.相关的主题文章:

College students in the QQ group bucket figure teacher Huang too large scale can not accept avbox

College students in the QQ group figure jurisprudence teacher: bucket scale is too large to accept a "Fujian University of Technology recently, a professional three students in the QQ group" bucket maps "by the school of criticism" of micro-blog spread on the internet. "Bulletin", three students in the group released the taste vulgar, violent pictures "bucket map", in violation of the "network civilization", decided to criticism and education for three students, and students in the semester to join the party to cancel the relevant qualification. In this regard, the school of information science and engineering, Fujian University of Technology, a teacher informed that the notice is indeed from the college, the outside world did not see the contents of the group, can not imagine how serious." He told reporters, in addition to a large number of vulgar and violent pictures published in the QQ group, the party secretary of the College under the reminder, the three students not only did not converge, but ridicule party secretary in the group. Secretary of the Party committee to remind the hospital was ridicule in November 29th, the number of micro-blog City, Fuzhou University, the new issue of the powerful hospital! The students "bucket map" criticized "one article, and posted a" College of information science and Engineering Bulletin on the computer professional 15 grade three students in violation of the network civilization "(hereinafter referred to as the" bulletin "), causing hot friends, called the school Big deal". The relevant staff confirmed by the Fujian University of Technology "bulletin" said that the existing computer 1501, 1502 class XXX and three students on the night of November 24th in the 15 level computer professional QQ group chat, vulgar taste and violence in the group released the pictures in the "fight", causing more severe impact on students. The college students work leading group study and approval by the college Party committee, decided to notify the event within the hospital. Three of the students read and department first through research, decided to make mistakes, criticism and education for XXX three students, ordered to review, and read aloud in a certain range, cancel the relevant students this semester admission qualification. In this regard, the Fujian University of Technology computer professional students told reporters: "() is indeed very erotic, we look terrified, but also @ Secretary of the Party committee secretary of the hospital, and the joke is really dead." For the punishment of the school, the students think it is more reasonable, if the teacher does not ask whether or not, it is too indulgent, and punishment is not particularly harsh it." He said that in the group saw the bucket figure, people will feel that should be punished". School teacher: the scale is too large, we can not accept the 80 young teachers in November 30th, Fujian University of Technology teachers informed Qi Jin (a pseudonym) told reporters that night, he does not see the post online, chat, really feel that the scale is too large, "even if we 80 young teachers, is unlikely to accept". "Group is our professional group, usually used to inform things and layout of the work, there are a lot of professional teachers, as well as the leadership of the institute." Qi Jin said that the most junior students just normal chat, then a student pick the hair picture, began a crazy bucket figure". Qi Jin told reporters, bucket figure during the party secretary of the college to see, in the group to remind them, you do not fight, to take care of other people’s feelings". But not stop students"相关的主题文章: