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Over the hills to see the scenery (6) to go to Yunnan, don’t ignore the village tourism Sohu in the early morning of the Lugu Lake some cold, but everyone was very excited, quickly close the luggage, drove to Lijiang, to explore the Mosuo people in Ninglang County Township life. Lugu Lake to the Rab Township full 84 kilometers, is a mountain road, this is a test for us and vehicle. Hill of case Mu goddess revealing a mysterious beauty. Bend more narrow, high altitude, Speechless had some difficulty, he fell asleep after the turnover. The elevation is more and more high, traffic is getting worse, my little white dragon some high back, when climbing hard, constantly in the 1 gear and 2 gear switch between uplink. Fortunately, this is my smart manual block, there is no clutch, otherwise the left foot long tired dog. Suddenly in front of a boulder from rolling down the slopes, scared a cold sweat, all the people are afraid to go to bed, stretched out his head staring afar. The road is slightly better, we get off to check the condition, ensure the safety of. Good times don’t last long another long muddy road. A bend in the past, hear the waves roaring sound of the engine, a minibus is mud tail wagging struggling desperately climbed, the car still trapped. We also can not help, can only look at the old man holding a plastic bucket filled with dry soil, to the tire under the plug, in order to enhance the adhesion of the tire, I hope useful. Hard work pays off, about more than and 20 minutes, finally out of the difficulty in the engine roar. A cross-country car is finished, we began to worry, I ask, what do we do now? Can we have a car? Worry is unnecessary, I easily passed the small white dragon. This experience is very important, because we are downhill, as long as a certain speed is not fast through the trap car, if it is estimated uphill. Besides, I drove the car, which is the truth, huh?! To celebrate, cheer for the car, behind the Yunnan Tibet line, Tibet line waiting for it. If the weather, may see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The road is more dangerous, more beautiful scenery. 80 km more than 5 hours finally arrived in Jinsha River, stunning beauty. The Hengduan Mountains in Jinsha River, then become so sentimental, misty rain misty mountains and villages to the riverside, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs shrouded in mist, partly hidden and partly visible. Jinsha River originates from the Tanggula mountains in the northern territory of Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan. The Jomda, and Mangkam Gongjue County, to Batang County Jinsha into Yunnan, then in Yunnan Lijiang bends to the East, the upper reaches of the Yangtze river. Old hole and small thunder for the first time to see such a beautiful scenery, even the sound channel, only a daze. The distance of Phascolosoma crossing bridge, laaber Xiang La village, is our destination for today. When Kublai Khan led the one hundred thousand cavalry from the North has been to Lijiang, after a short rest come into here, then turn off into Bao Le Prince, although the Lijiang natural barrier, but they had made preparations, with "Phascolosoma" through the Jinsha River, so here is called leather sac bridge, also called Feng Ke bridge. Silent brother and his wife video, sharing the magnificent scenery. Crazy ya相关的主题文章: