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One popular professional competition places only single digit Alexander microbiology to recruit 42 people recommended students accounted for 37 of those 25, Shandong University (scores, professional settings) announced in 2017 the professional graduate students receive recommended exemption. The list of publicity, microbiology, State Key Laboratory of microbial technology, Shandong University, this year recommended exemption graduate 37 people, and Alexander 2017 master’s degree graduate catalog shows that the professional program enrollment is 42 people. School of political science and public administration management, enrollment plan for 28 people, recommended exemption graduate 20 people, leaving the students only 8 places. According to the study in 2017, 2017 enrollment, Alexander is expected to enroll full-time graduate students, 4600 part-time graduate 1640 people, of which recommended exemption graduate receives the proportion of about full-time postgraduate enrollment 40%. Hot majors prefer push free students, not just the practice of Shandong University. Peking University (scores, professional settings) 2017 full-time postgraduate enrollment plan, some interdisciplinary majors even recruit graduate students recommended exemption. Institute of molecular medicine program enrollment of 17 people, to receive the push from the number 17, Yanjing school program enrollment of 35 people, the number of 35 people to receive free. Part of the professional free rate is also high, Guanghua School of Management, national economics, industrial economics, finance, statistics, accounting, enterprise management, a total of six professional program enrollment of 47 people, the number of 43 people to receive free. School of information science and technology plans to recruit a number of 248 people, intends to receive the number of people pushing free of 208. Other universities, such as Shandong Normal University full-time graduate enrollment directory on 2017, School of economics, majoring in world economy, planned enrollment of 7 people, 3 people to receive the exemption of health plan; civil and commercial law professional enrollment of 4 people, 2 people to receive the exemption of health. Recommend students to obtain exemption but although is not easy for many colleges and universities prefer "the research", a province of a university graduate student teacher told reporters: "not just a graduate diploma, the first value is the potential for academic research students. Some from the north only recruit postgraduate professional exemption, the students’ scientific research capacity is very high. The research of students is through layers of selection in the academic research generally will be higher than the examination of students as teachers prefer to recruit outstanding students." Alexander Chinese, sophomore Kobayashi told reporters that the research is not easy, want to walk school more difficult, "three years ranked in the whole year by former students, are eligible to participate in the" security research examination ", pass the examination to get the exemption graduate student places. It should be said that the selection of the comprehensive quality of students in the grade is very good." Also, some professional research qualification of students’ professional ability, English has clear requirements, some colleges and universities to take the title, to participate in the national competition has made some achievements and papers preferred recommendation. Get free to qualify, but also interviews and pens.相关的主题文章: