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Olympic star network red – pros and cons of geometry Beijing reporter Wang Xiaoxiao Zhang Jike to attend an event with Fan Bingbing Fu Yuanhui Sun Yang on the show, hot talk all over, Zhu Ting said the most adorable love Huang Xiaoming…… Recently browsing sports news, I find a lot of content regardless of family style. Rio during the Olympic Games, and even more than a month after the end of the Olympic Games, more and more active athletes and coaches to become popular entertainment, and even by the majority of non sports fans touted. "The times are different, if we can bring happiness to you in this way, it is also the embodiment of value." During the Olympic Games was dubbed the "do not know the ball fat and a fire in the China table tennis team head coach Liu Guoliang also opened a day before micro-blog, the number of fans soared to about 700000. Talking about the Olympic star turned red net, Liu Guoliang said the reporter, compared with poker-faced praise, the recognized way more real and more down to earth, the star of this, people are more likely to accept. As long as a good grasp of the ‘degree’, sports star entertainment is still more advantages than disadvantages." Help to promote the development of the project with the end of the Olympic Games, some athletes like entertainment into a big coffee: frequently appeared in variety shows, fashion events, reality show, the related expression package, PS and funny "custom, emerge in an endless stream, the same paragraph in the electric business platform opened on sale, attract hundreds of millions of fans to join the live…… One of the most active Zhang Jike, and so on, the popularity of the film and television did not lose the field of stars in the field of Sun Yang. This phenomenon, the key way sports information company CEO Zhang Qingchi positive attitude. He believes that these athletes become red after the show in the entertainment arena is a positive, sunny, can transfer sports specific fighting spirit and positive energy, although the entertainment is cognition and acceptance, but with the entertainment stars are still essentially different. For the entertainment audience, but also can get different fun and inspiration. What is more important, because the public may love a sports star and a focus on a sport, for example by Zhang Jike "powder" and began to look at table tennis, because love Fu Yuanhui and focus on swimming, which helps to promote the Chinese sports and fitness development, thus driving the sports consumption. The sports star itself also has this intention, with the Olympic fencing popular leggy male god Sun Wei said, hope that their popularity promotion fencing in adolescents. Liu Guoliang also believes that the audience sought after sports stars, athletes, teams and projects, can play the role of publicity, promotion. Athletes in the promotion of commercial value at the same time, but also highlights their social values. As a team manager Liu Guoliang admitted that the athletes have worked hard for 4 years, it is time to harvest, I hope they seize this opportunity to maximize the value of." Entertainment is an inevitable trend of the times in recent years, the trend of entertainment sports stars why more obvious? In addition to having beautiful appearance and high level of movement, as well as the unique role of the Olympic platform, Liu Guoliang and Zhang Qingdou believe that the emergence of this phenomenon there is a certain inevitability. .相关的主题文章: