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ObEN: virtual reality new keywords — social science and technology Sohu in October 14th, Mark Zuckerberg in San Jose California Oculus Connect shows all kinds of virtual reality applications in the social network of the possibility, which detonated a virtual reality industry for a new round of concern. This time, keywords are social. In this less than 10 minutes long in demo, a small bar with his friends visited together at the bottom of the sea shark, abandon the barren Mars, at Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters playing fencing, back to the small bar home to see his dog Beast, and call Priscilla video phone complete with virtual family self activity self bar. (Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan and their dog Beast in virtual reality self) in PC, mobile phone, virtual reality will become a platform for carrying the next wave of modern science and technology, is an indisputable fact. And after the Demo, another fact about the reality of the virtual reality: virtual reality and social networks, the combination of organic, will bring a special experience can not be copied. Online dating of the three points of pain in recent years, people’s acceptance of online dating is constantly improving. Ten years ago, Americans tried to make friends online. Today, 15% of Americans use at least one online dating software. According to the report released by Pew Research Center in February this year, 60% of respondents are no longer ashamed to admit their favorite online dating". And participate in online dating netizens, in 18-25 and 50-60 age, there is growth. Although the online dating market continues to expand, but the level of not seeking serious dating and mild dating products, the market can not be left in the end. The reporter interviewed the co-founder, co-founder of China largest online dating site and now California Lily network virtual reality social startups ObEN Zheng Yi, to discuss the online dating industry several pain points. First of all, whether it is a serious dating or mild dating products, the ultimate goal is to use the user to see the real person. So, authenticity is a major pain points. Ten years ago, a 3D virtual community Second Life swept the world. In Second Life, the user can create a new virtual identity, get rid of their original gender, age and race, explore a variety of lifestyle. Due to the new experience of the virtual world, Second Life registered users up to 5 million, was attracted to BMW, Coca-Cola, BMW and other world-renowned brands stationed in the virtual world. However, according to an anonymous Second Life investors revealed that completely virtual world, the user’s appeal is always limited. In the next wave of mobile, Second Life’s virtual Empire collapsed. Today, Second.相关的主题文章: