Nicola for a car with a hydrogen fuel cell to achieve true zero emissions sunny came home

Nicola for a car with a hydrogen fuel cell to achieve true zero emissions as a start-up company, Nicola company had hoped to launch a car industry to break stereotypes Nikola One half cockpit battery powered trucks. But now, the company has changed its drive. Nikola today announced that Nikola One will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell transmission system. Still belongs to the power category, but it seems to cut off natural gas extender, replaced by more environmentally compatible "hydrogen. The company claims that the move to allow the truck to achieve a true zero emissions. Zero emissions are good, but there are still many problems to be solved. Previously, many people rushed to the pure electric drive and a $375 thousand deposit to buy the car, which means that when there is no electricity can also find a network to cover the charging socket. But as it moves to hydrogen fuel cells, it needs to rely on more complex infrastructure to fuel, and the industry’s "network" coverage and short-term vision is obviously not optimistic. If the customer does not buy it, the company did not know how to deal with the refund. Nikola said that by 2020, there will be more than 50 hydrogen fuel filling stations (average per state). However, even if the truck mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) has 1200 miles (about 1931 km), find a filling station may also need to spend hours. At the December 1st Salt Lake City auto show, we will learn more about the truck.相关的主题文章: