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Nearly a week 37 companies high Dong supervisor holdings of over 1 billion 500 million yuan of cash is king charming drawing beam semi annual time window over the past week, the 37 company directors high their own holdings of shares, cash in the amount of 1 billion 545 million yuan. Securities Times · statistical data treasure every month this year, executives showed a net reduction of the situation, which, from May to July the reduction tide, monthly holdings amounted to more than 100 to 25 billion 200 million yuan, the cumulative amount of cash. August 84 companies holdings, cash amount of 2 billion 700 million yuan. Since September, just a week, 37 company executives holdings, cash amount of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan. According to the relevant regulations, listed company directors, supervisors and executives in the periodic report within 30 days before the announcement, notice the performance results of letters, 10 days before the announcement, and the major issues since may have a significant impact on the company’s stock price on the date or in the decision-making process, to be disclosed in accordance with the law within 2 trading days after the no, the sale of shares of the company. Since mid August, the market opening shock consolidation market, the core index trend of differentiation. The Shanghai Composite Index and the small board index fell 1.06% and 0.14%, Shenzhen, the gem index rose 0.15% and 0.86% respectively. Yesterday, the Shanghai Composite Index back to 3100 points, the city index fell 3100 points, the Shanghai stock market turnover exceeded lose after having got it, 200 billion yuan, the highest since the last half month highs. Shock in the market, finance customers open buy buy buy mode, in September 6th two financial balance increased to $906 billion 300 million, refresh the record since the end of 1 this year. At the same time, to some extent, representing the trend of foreign capital of Shanghai shares through nearly a month continued net inflows, the cumulative inflow of 24 billion 100 million yuan. Semi annual report after the shock of the city, executives of listed companies trend? Data treasure statistics, since September, Dong Jiangao, 40 companies through their own exchange traded, bulk trading and other ways to buy their own shares. In addition to the 3 companies for net holdings, the remaining 37 are showing a net reduction. Company executives cash plate distribution showed that most get together for the gem, including 16 companies, small board and motherboard Shenzhen and Shanghai respectively containing 11 and 10. Net holdings of distribution in the 18 SW level industry, mechanical equipment covers 8, topped the list; electronic industry contains 5, followed by; chemical industry, household appliances, building materials, electrical equipment, utilities and other industries have more than 2 companies listed. Nearly a week of cash is king of the small board stocks Huangshi group, the controlling shareholder, actual controller Huang Jiadi on September 2nd by way of block trading cumulative holdings of shares 40 million shares, accounting for 4.78% of the total share capital, to reduce the price of 18.27 yuan, cash in the amount of 731 million yuan. According to the announcement of disclosure: Huang Jiadi intends to reduce the stock based on the proceeds of the company’s operating capital needs to lend to the company free of charge, until the company’s own funds and then gradually return. In addition, UTour, Sanchuanhe Wisdom 2 stocks executives cash amount exceeding 100 million yuan. UTour executives in September 1st block trading system through the cumulative reduction of 19 million 960 thousand shares, involving an amount of 358 million yuan. Sanchuanhe wisdom chairman, directors and supervisors in September 2nd through the block trading?相关的主题文章: