National foot vs Qatar forward Lippi first show how to solve the problem of credit card attack hypersnap-dx

In the VS Preview: Lippi debut for the Qatar National Football offensive card how difficult to win the sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 15th night at 19:35, China national soccer team in Kunming against qatar. This is the last war Orangemen alive preliminaries Asian top 12 first half of the match, Lippi is a country full pointer after the first official game, the Orangemen can win and Lippi can bring the big change is the striking part of the game. Lippi’s first show sensitive key battle for Guangzhou Hengda this platform, the formation of mutual understanding between Lippi and China football, but Lippi was against the Orangemen in Qatar can still be described as "time tight, heavy task". From the "national football Lippi list" announced to a war against Qatar, only two weeks; in addition to a 5-0 victory over the Wuhan Thatcher in a team game, the Orangemen did not arrange (real time warm-up Qatar is with the Russian team warm-up). [see small world asia forecast pre! Tomorrow’s battle] Qatar! Lippi coached the national football official first show itself is a hotspot, this game Yinli leather convincing coaching ability, the Orangemen need to win the background to enhance the public expectations of fans. "The focus word first show" and "win" together, "Lippi’s sensitive aspect" and "Chinese football all right" also together. National foot in the first 4 games in the performance of the top 12 is clearly not". 4 and 1 flat 3 negative only got 1 points, in the group of embarrassment bottom; the Orangemen scored 2 of the data is less than second with the group team, lost 6 ball and is up to the team with the group in the. After a lapse of 15 years to return to the country’s top 12 Asian Games (previously for the top 10), feel the gap and pressure is inevitable, it can be said that there is a very objective problem. The first 4 games in the top 12 countries are also due to the composition of the squad list, the appearance of the players, such as the selection of the case caused a continuing controversy, the subjective to further enlarge the difficulty of playing the game. The subjective and objective situation has tangled together, then see whether Lippi’s foot to help bring order out of chaos. Bring order out of chaos is a system engineering, the transformation of the national football Lippi takes time, according to the present situation of today’s national football scores, "qualify to compete" and "must conquer Qatar" formulation are far fetched. But other things also means that a war against Qatar is indeed a country full of hope and fight to win relatively the best opportunity. China good credit card is still difficult in Qatar in the first 4 games of 12 Game 1 wins and 3 losses scoring 3 points, ranked second last team scored 3 goals for the team; third, lost 6 ball data flat with the China team. Start bad situation in the round of 12, Qatar team also experienced a coaching change (of course, move the earlier, and the defeat of Syria won the first victory in Huanshuai). The Orangemen and Qatar team contest is the worst record in the group match between the two teams, the Orangemen have home court advantage, win the hope in the relative amplification. More conducive to the national football team due to Qatar is in the conflict between Iran and suffered heavy penalties, including four key players including Hassan players)相关的主题文章: