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The national aerospace industry base in Wuhan issued billions of commercial aerospace project planning Beijing, Beijing, September 12, "in the business field of aerospace, aerospace science and industry plans to Wuhan national aerospace industry base, the implementation of the five commercial space project", "five major development project and the construction of the time span will be more than ten years engineering and system, involving thousands of items, is expected to invest over 100 billion, the output of over one hundred billion". In today’s second China commercial space Summit Forum, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation chairman Gao Hongwei pioneered the development of China’s commercial space in the field of vision, causing a high degree of concern. The Chinese commercial space summit held in Hubei, Wuhan, the theme is to play a gathering effect, boost the development of the industry, the construction of new commercial space formats". At the opening meeting, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and the Hubei Provincial People’s government, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government on the "special cooperation agreement" on the promotion of Wuhan’s national aerospace industrial base work held a signing ceremony. The base is China’s first national commercial space industry base, in August 5, 2016, the Wuhan national aerospace industrial base implementation plan was officially approved by the national development and reform commission. The base for the development of commercial space led to a new generation of space launch and application as the core, through technological innovation, business model innovation and management innovation, to build space launch vehicles and launch services, satellite platform and load, the application of spatial information services, aerospace ground equipment manufacturing and other four leading industries. It is expected that in 2020, Wuhan national aerospace industrial base will build an annual output of 50 Hair rocket production capacity, and an annual output of 40 a 100 kg, 100 kg of 100 commercial satellite manufacturing capabilities, and strive to reach 30 billion yuan in output value in 2020. China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Chairman Gao Hongwei speech at the meeting pointed out that "Wuhan approved the implementation of national aerospace industry base" marks China’s commercial space industry development into a new stage of history. Aerospace Science and industry to make their own efforts and contribution with the construction and development of Wuhan national aerospace industrial base, in the commercial aerospace industry, mainly in Wuhan national aerospace industry base, focusing on the implementation of Feiyunjiang, cloud, clouds, rainbow clouds, the five major commercial aerospace engineering tengyun. Among them, the corresponding unmanned airborne cloud area Feiyunjiang engineering project; cloud engineering corresponding near space airship local cloud clouds engineering project; corresponding satellite narrowband global mobile networking project; Hongyun engineering corresponding spaceborne broadband global mobile internet project; engineering of aerospace flight Tengyun project. Five major projects involving several types of delivery systems, multi class space and space based platform, multi class and multi class payload ground support system of R & D and production, will drive the development and application of multi class ground application system, and system engineering involving thousands of items, is expected to invest over 100 billion, the output of over one hundred billion. The future, aerospace science and industry will focus on the comprehensive coordination of the overall scheme of the system, the design and demonstration of key technologies, integrated, large-scale ground test, flight test, and launch commercial and government, international organizations, space related institutions, Wuhan.相关的主题文章: