Nanjing people to help friends online brush a few months after the transfer of debt messages

Nanjing people to help friends online brush a few months after the transfer of debt messages, you help me fill in a mobile phone to buy a fake list of Chong Chong performance, I give you 100 yuan benefits. This list will automatically eliminate the end of the month, you don’t have to pay back the money." Lishui, Nanjing, Mr. Lee is not only their own letter, but also pull friends together, brush, the result is also facing the dilemma of monthly loan. Yesterday, Nanjing Lishui police announced the "robbery and deception" special action against the latest victories, 3 suspects were arrested on suspicion of fraud. To help a friend was only a few years ago, Mr. Lee on the Internet to understand chen. In July this year, Chen contact Lee said: "I work on Apple’s mobile phone shop recently, the results can not, to help you brush a few false list in the list results, the end of the month will clear, you really don’t need to pay. After that give you 100 yuan commissions." Mr. Lee thought, can help a friend may earn some extra cash, Why not?? According to Chen’s tips to fill out the list, and then get 100 yuan of benefits". Tasted the sweetness of Mr. Lee, but also to find 4 friends to help brush. This has been the case in the past, but in August of this year, one day, Mr. Lee accidentally received two reminders sms. Maybe he remembered before to help a friend to brush off the list, but also have a few friends called him, was called the message "Debt Loan company". Lee immediately call to Chen, but found that the other side of the phone off, QQ was also pulled black. Found himself cheated Lee, hastened to report to the police. A go 7 Apple mobile phone after investigation, Lishui police suspect Chen, Wang Ye, arrested. The investigation, Chen is an unemployed youth, a few months ago to know the salesperson of Apple’s mobile phone shop Wang said, can help Wang brush single taking mobile phone, Wang agreed. Subsequently, Chen to help brush alone to the benefits of the grounds, lured Lee, Chen and other 5 people to buy a mobile phone shop where the king to pay installment. By Wang and pay the first payment, the sale has 7 Apple mobile phone, and then entrusted Wang and the store manager to sell illegal profits Yemou, 20000 yuan. At present, the suspect Chen, Wang Ye, has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation. Police remind you can get benefits for the benefits of such temptation, we must keep their eyes open, do not covet small profits, the trap as pie".相关的主题文章: