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Nanjing real estate is a housing department fined 400 thousand yuan — real estate — Nanjing Beijing in October 6, 6 reporters from Nanjing City real estate sector was informed that due to illegal sales, housing prices due to illegal sales of the real estate sector has been fined 400 thousand yuan. Nanjing property market tightening trend to upgrade the new deal. In October 5th, from September 25th the city has just issued a restriction policy only 10 days, the property market policy again "overweight", the proportion of loans will not settle the two suites Shoufu to 80%, heavy combat investment; and regulations (including divorce) single purchase 1 sets, after clamped by fake divorce for housing move qualification. The new deal after the release, the real estate sector for the developer had hot property in a variety of property hoarding, real name and behavior to be punished. According to the announcement, Nanjing City Real Estate Bureau received the masses, the development and construction of Nanjing bay water Star Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. the sea Fu Shang city project, in the sets of commercial housing did not terminate the contract for the sale, illegal resale to others. After receiving the report, the real estate sector immediately carry out the investigation, after investigation and verification, the violation of the "measures" sales of commercial property management thirty-ninth "before the lifting of commercial housing sales contracts, will serve as the subject matter of the contract re sale of commercial housing to others, a warning, and ordered rectification, fines" in addition to 20 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan, in the case of irrefutable evidence, the company made an administrative penalty, given a warning and ordered rectification, and impose a fine of 400 thousand yuan. Real estate sector will further increase the intensity of the investigation and punishment of illegal activities, standardize market order, purify the market environment, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market. (commissioning editor Yu Yanming and Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章: