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Nanchong property market heating up sister floor monthly income of 50 thousand to become Nanchong the highest income floor sister in mid September, a monthly income of fifty thousand, the Nanchong girl is not simple "news, the Nanchong real estate practitioners Huobian circle of friends. Nanchong, a real estate project consultant He Zhengjun sales gratifying, a monthly salary of 50000 yuan, becoming the highest income floor, Nanchong. When it comes to stunning sales performance, He Zhengjun said: the house sold well, natural high income." Nanchong property market in August through July of the tail ending the traditional off-season home buyers, the Nanchong property market in August tail ending, opened the prelude to this year "golden nine silver ten". Although the first week of September Nanchong residential turnover has declined, but the beginning of the second week, it presents Kim Gu force situation, the property market supply and demand both rebound. According to statistics, from the transaction point of view, the second week of September, a total turnover of residential units in Nanchong, an increase of 6.58%, turnover of $174 million, an increase of 2.19%, closing an area of 39 thousand and 300 square meters, an increase of 6.69%. Mid Autumn Festival small holiday in the third week of September (9.12-9.18), the Nanchong property market turnover of residential units, up by more than second weeks, the average transaction price of 4543 yuan per square meter, or about $2.68% (about 472). Behind every rising data, let the Nanchong property market this year, Kim Gu full of expectations. Supply and demand rose second weeks in September, there are 3 projects approved by the pre-sale permit, the introduction of residential units, an increase of about 91.35% in. At the same time, from the beginning of April the silence of the land market to pick up, commercial class launched a total of 259 acres of land, located in the Jialing Lake area, Shunqing District, Ren Jia Gou, Yan’er nest White Dam and other popular area. Project shipments, the developer of the "Kim Gu" Nanchong property market positive attitude; push new land, but also from the side to boost the development of the property market in Nanchong. Last week (September third weeks) Nanchong property market a total of 6 projects have introduced new houses, of which 5 projects have launched a total supply of residential, residential housing 861 sets, 79 thousand and 100 square meters, the supply of 16072 appeared three rising monthly supply and more than July, August. Analysis of the industry, now is the "golden nine silver ten" season early, as usual, with high supply, developers will also launch a new round of preferential purchase. At the end of this week, the last week of September. Nanchong property market success in this September nuggets, when we wait and see. Extended reading: why Chengdu property market Zhangshengyipian industry: madness will stay up 15% during the first half of the Chengdu property market trauma industry: will a structural rise overnight queuing to buy a house property market has to follow the trend of prices in Chengdu mad press the fast forward button   prices rose 1000 in Jianyang incorporated into the Chengdu property market is heating up   large-sized apartment Zigong property market is now upside down in the apartment layout start 10493 policies applied by the city in the Sichuan property market to the inventory to half of the test outcome of the 70 city house prices rose over 8 in September 19th, the National Bureau of statistics released the "2016 August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price changes.相关的主题文章: