MQB platform to ensure that the public will push two new cars – Sohu yezimei

Ensure the profit of Volkswagen MQB platform will push two new car new car Sohu – Sohu [] recently, Volkswagen brand CEO Herbert · (Herbert Diess); Diskin said in an interview with the media, the public is working on a MQB platform to cut the cost of the work, and have achieved remarkable results. In order to ensure profitability, small compact car of the two generation by the front base (including front transverse 4WD models derived) will still be based on the MQB platform to build. [GTI] – a new generation of POLO because the MQB platform models between the parts can be shared in large area, so it is also for the public to save a lot of R & D investment group. In order to expand the cost advantage of the MQB platform, Volkswagen plans to gradually increase the annual output of MQB platform models, in 2018 is expected to reach 7 million year level. Delivery, increased production, cannot do without the car it is reported that the next generation of Volkswagen POLO siyat the two sister car Eby SA will be released in 2017, two new models will have small SUV corresponding to the launch of the small SUV seat will be named "Arona", also will be released on 2017; in addition the mass of up, the next generation of Skoda! Citigo siyat Mii three sister car will also use MQB for research and development, and a new generation of Volkswagen Touareg and CC (MLB platform models) will also be released on 2017; then in 2018, West Astra will also launch a 7 seat SUV MQB platform, the design concept of the the car will use the Astra 20V20 concept car, to replace the 7 MPV models of European Stroke wyatt. At the same time, Volkswagen Group is also actively developing MEB electrification platform. According to the previous TOGETHER – 2025 strategy, the public will be launched in 2025, 30 new pure electric models, pure electric vehicle sales reached 200-300 million units, accounting for the total sales of 20% – 25%.相关的主题文章: