Mother son to eat 10 letter remedies for vitiligo exacerbations caused by live tadpoles in Beijing ca1290

Mother son to eat 10 letter remedies for vitiligo exacerbations caused by live tadpoles – Beijing life daily news September 13th regret is dead!" In recent days, Ms. Wang, Hailin, a few days ago about the fever of a child, it is constantly repeating this sentence. Originally, Ms. Wang’s 11 year old son suffering from vitiligo, Ms. Wang in order to cure his son to listen to folk prescription, to feed their children live tadpoles, resulting in a child high fever, but the hospital in time to come. The doctor warned that some remedies is no medical basis, if blindly biased or incurable disease that can cause other diseases. Half a year ago, the son of Wang Kai suffering from vitiligo, she took his son around the doctor, but still has little effect. In the way on the train, Ms. Wang heard a trick: vitiligo patients to eat a dozen live tadpoles every day, seven times a month, so adhere to the first half of the year, would be able to cure the skin disease. Treat Ms. Wang anxious after listen to move the heart, after the train home, she immediately to a nearby ditch caught ten tadpoles, coaxed the child, the ten tadpoles live to eat, feel sick when children eat, Ms. Wang let his son eat watermelon down. Three hours later, Xiao Kai began a high fever, reaching about 40 degrees Celsius, Ms. Wang and his wife rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment of children in Hailin. The doctor diagnosed a bowel disease caused by eating unclean food. Ms. Wang recalled three hours ago, the children eat live tadpoles, repeatedly called regret. In this regard, the doctor of Gastroenterology Hospital of Hailin City, the spread of civil raw frogs, tadpoles can cure skin diseases, rheumatism and pain remedies, "which is not scientific, not only to the curative effect, can also cause gastrointestinal diseases. Please don’t listen to folk prescription, sick timely to the hospital." (Xu Riming)相关的主题文章: