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Indonesia volcano broke out over 250 climbers under way for unknown foreign – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to foreign media reports, Indonesia Lombok Lin Janice volcano local time on the evening of 27 this month began erupting volcano ash plume of up to 2 kilometers, resulting in the air with volcano ash. The authorities ended 28 evacuated more than 1100 people, has not received reports of casualties, and sent rescue workers to evacuate 389 tourists near the scene, of which 333 were foreign nationals. The authorities have confirmed that about 120 people, and that they are down, but there are still more than 250 people failed to contact, worried that they were trapped on a mountain. According to reports, the eruption is a volcanic crater within the Rinjani crater a small volcano, the volcano, the authorities raised the alert level yesterday, but the highest risk level is still 2 from the level of. The site is about 3.7 km radius of the township not affected, Lombok airport as usual, but some exchanges resort? Bali canceled flights. It is understood that each year to attract thousands of tourists to mount mount mount mount Lin, from the foot of the mountain to climb to the top of the general need a few days, Balu Gianni volcano is the main attractions along the road. Nugroho, spokesman for Indonesia’s national disaster relief department, said that 389 people have attempted to climb mountains, mostly foreigners, according to a record of 25 days. He also said that although the majority of tourists in accordance with the proposed route to climb the mountain, but does not rule out someone to set their own routes. Indonesia officials did not release the nationality of missing tourists, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta said that the u.s.. Indonesia is located in the circum Pacific volcanic belt, a total of 130 active volcanoes. Because of the earth’s crust, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have occurred in the past.相关的主题文章: