Millet note 2 Evaluation after the era of note 7 we always expect

Millet Note 2 Evaluation: after Note 7 times we should expect to star in the graphic Ze star Tony Leung blessing, millet Note 2 in the Note series of primary products released after 9 months be long in coming 1 years. Although millet MIX grab the limelight, but taking into account the production capacity of MIX, millet Note2 will obviously shoulder the heavy responsibility of millet in the high-end market. Millet Note 2 there are three versions, respectively, high version and the standard version of the global version. The three are equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor does not limit the frequency and function of cnc. The main difference lies in the memory, the standard version is equipped with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM high version and the global version of RAM+128GB ROM with 6GB. Global version of the full Netcom support 6 mode 37 frequency, can be compatible with the signal network operators around the world. In color, the millet Note2 offers bright black and glacial silver, in which glacial silver is a new color. Sina mobile phone to get the standard edition. Millet Note 2 double curved surface design millet Note 2 before the release of hyperbolic preheating, the conference also focused on the hyperboloid". However, hyperbolic surface is not hyperbolic screen " but refers to the front and back are curved 3D glass, with the middle of the matte metal frame connection. 5.7 inches screen millet Note 2 appearance is the biggest highlight of this piece of 5.7 inches OLED flexible screen (LG). The actual display screen 5.7 inch screen larger, accounting for 77.2% of the screen, to achieve a narrow border design. Compared to the so-called borderless design, narrow frame design is more mature, at least there will not be crazy black side. This screen is also the first production of flexible OLED LG screen, the parameter is maintained at 5.7 inches +1080P resolution, reaching a 110% NTSC color gamut. No matter the real function is not practical, Yan value enhance and obviously, at least it seems to me that this is the most beautiful in a mobile phone millet. Although the color gamut is very high, but millet Note 2 screen and no partial color obviously, as compared with the traditional LCD OLED screen resolution for more demanding (Note: the traditional LCD (liquid crystal display) as a special form of liquid crystal screen is not to bend, so now the mobile phone market is the surface of OLED material. ), so the screen in the exquisite performance can only be said quite satisfactory, but did not reach the top level in the acceptable range, do not have too much influence for daily use. Double curvature surface design (curvature) millet surface than the Samsung S7 edge Note7, but can still feel the obvious bent frame panel hyperboloid on both sides of the screen, compared to the Samsung S7 Note7 or wider, but because the controls in place, there will not be too sudden feeling. In addition to the edge of the fuselage at the same time, millet Note 2 is also used in the previous generation of 3D glass body design, positive and negative arc.相关的主题文章: