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Mesut Ozil finally broke the League assists Wenger shortage: once we lose that Sohu sports 4-1 beat Sunderland after Arsenal in all competitions are unbeaten in 14 games in all competitions Arsenal in 20 games and lost only one game, the last 6 visits to " > gaoqingtu Giroux: after Sanchez had full domineering fist Zhang Dashuai 4-1 Arsenal beat Sunderland, the tournament has been unbeaten in 14 games in all competitions in 20 games for Arsenal have lost only one game, the last 6 visits to the stadium of light against Sunderland won 5 games. After Wenger bluntly in Sunderland after the equaliser, he was very worried about this game will lose, but the Gunners showed great strength to fight back. After the game the turning point occurred in the second half substitute Giroux, Giroux after playing just 7 minutes on the plum to open two degrees, helping the Gunners win the match. After Giroux spoke, "today I am very lucky, I get away with teammates assists, if every game so well, that I was a superman. I have just come back from injury, this game is very important for me, I am very happy to return to the stadium." Giroux in seventy-first minutes and seventy-sixth minutes. Gibbs and Mesut Ozil assists scored, of which Mesut Ozil is the first time this season in the league he sent assists, which he also continue after the last round of the Champions League with assists in 20 games in all competitions, second assists. Last season Mesut Ozil posted 19 assists in the Premier League last season at Arsenal should be inscribed Mesut Ozil assists the most score is Giroux, Mesut Ozil this season assists efficiency decreased significantly, largely in the closed road and no Arsenal Giroux this spot, but Mesut Ozil wants more to accomplish goals the task, after this game, Giroux substitute, two people immediately formed a line, seventy-sixth minutes, Giroux area should be inscribed in Mesut Ozil’s corner in front header. After the game Wenger said in an interview, "when the score of the game 1-1, we have a big test in spirit, we wasted a lot of opportunities, we even worried that we would lose the game, but we have shown great strength to fight back. When the 1-1 score in the Premier League, the key point of the game is how you respond, do we have panic, give up or feel guilty about their performance? Not at all, we had a good win." Speaking for the second half of Giroux’s decision, Wenger said, "the coach should have full confidence in the players, especially in also sat on the bench so good player for any coach, to make such a decision is not difficult at all." (Ma Di)相关的主题文章: