Men spend 140 thousand to marry his wife back home in Kampuchea is always running away oboni

Men spend 140 thousand to marry Kampuchea wife wife always away from home – Beijing, 29 year old Lujiang man small chapter, after matchmakers, married a girl from Kampuchea, spent more than 140 thousand. However, not long after the wedding, the wife is always away from home, the last time they ran to Jiangxi, and do not want to return to the small chapter home. To this end, a small chapter and the Kampuchea girls and the media of the world to complete the challenge. Finally, in coordination with the local judicial institute, a small chapter takes to return the matchmaker marriage betrothal, intermediary fees 62800 yuan of economic losses, the Kampuchea girl home after completing the formalities of divorce. Spent hundreds of thousands of Kampuchea marry a wife is a small chapter Lujiang County music town, this year has been 29 years old. Because have gone astray, is still in the probation period, the home economy is not good, so has not found his wife. In August 2015, he by Ketan matchmaker Jiang uncle, met a girl in Kampuchea. The girl is only 21 years old, dark skin, very exotic. Two people meet, all in mind. Small chapter to see what the girl passport is complete, so the girl back home. In order to get married, a small chapter including the bride spent, put all sorts of things together, more than 14 yuan. August 25, 2015, small chapter finally and Kampuchea girl got a marriage certificate. Foreign wife, who is in the heart of the Cao camp in China, who knows, this cross-border marriage and did not imagine happiness. Small chapter said that his wife is very good for his wife, not only to his wife to buy a new phone, she wants to eat what to play is to try to meet. The Kampuchea wife, but the heart is not happy. It turned out that Kampuchea’s wife believes that after his marriage, the language barrier, eating is not accustomed to, Zhang also urged him to go to work, do housework, do not spend money on their own. She believes that her husband’s family is not as a family, I feel very wronged, so there is not willing to continue to stay. Do not want to go home so many times just left Kampuchea, his wife often left home angry. Just go every time is not far, have been small chapter to find back. However, in June 12th of this year, Kampuchea wife again go, still can not find the shadow. This is a small chapter of a hurry. After all, it took about one hundred thousand wives. In the small town about, small chapter finally got some clues. On that day, a driver in the town once took his wife in Kampuchea to Jiangxi, Jingdezhen. The wife went to the provinces, and find a small chapter matchmaker Laojiangdi home questioned. So, the old river with small chapter together to find someone in Jingdezhen. In the end, the man is found, Kampuchea daughter-in-law also returned to Lujiang. However, she is not willing to follow the small chapter home, is to live in the old river home, and asked for a divorce and a small chapter. Small chapter also feel. Since the woman was reluctant to come back, he wanted to find the old Jiang refund. However, the old river but said no money back. Wife does not go home, spend not to return. Not only that, because the mother has been noisy in the old river home, was also sentenced to criminal detention punishment. For small chapter, this marriage is to lose the lady and fold soldiers. Small chapter mood is very excited, ready to Uncle Jiang相关的主题文章: