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Medical attention to improve the level of the fund’s four quarter Nuggets pharmaceutical sector – fund channel recently, the concept of big data in the medical treatment of multiple positive news stimulation continuous fermentation. October 21st, Wei Planning Commission in Beijing to start health care big data applications and industrial park construction national pilot project, Fujian, Jiangsu and Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Changzhou, identified as the first batch of pilot provinces and cities. Followed by the 22 meeting of the "2016 Internet plus China health conference, large health care data also become a starting point for a number of issues. Capital markets, pharmaceutical and medical sector after the three quarter to repair the market, the valuation of the plate gradually picked up, the valuation and fundamentals of the subject of a reasonable match in the four quarter will show a certain absolute income opportunities. At the same time, the fourth quarter of this year is also expected to be expected to repair the layout of flexible varieties of good timing. The latest fund three quarterly show, the three quarter of this year, eight century and dongfangguoxin get more funds are heavy configurations. Health care data collection and update has a significant importance, it is the country’s basic strategic resources, is to promote the healthy development of China, to enhance the sense of the inevitable requirement of the masses. At the same time, it is also an important way to cultivate new economic development. With the "Internet plus health care service in advancing the" 13th Five-Year "period, cloud computing, big data, networking, mobile Internet and other information technology and health services will also speed up the pace of the depth of integration. Taurus financial network statistics show that the three quarter of this year, a total of 93 stocks only 15 funds are heavy configurations and big data combined with medical treatment. Among them, the same technology to get 24 funds are heavy configurations number topped. Morgan domestic hybrid, INVESCO Great Wall Co governance, post mixed style wheeled hybrid holds the shares accounted for the proportion of their net worth ranking, respectively 9.01%, 8.67%, 7.8%. Yi century and dongfangguoxin respectively 23 and 17 funds largest holding. The three quarter – century performance increase, is expected before the three quarter net profit of 133 million yuan to the parent company to 147 million yuan, up 168% to 197% in the same period last year. The company intends to be completed early next year, the main health monitoring products and services, the acquisition of the Thai health. If the success of the acquisition will have a significant synergistic effect, and further help the company to dig into the medical needs of the United States, to broaden the company’s Internet of things data source, enhance the value of data. The rich high-end manufacturing, rich tempstaff stock held by the proportion of net worth of over 8%. Long letter domestic growth and Huatai Barry healthy life hybrid configuration should pass century proportion reached more than 7%. Oriental Guoxin also intends to acquire a certain competitive edge in the field of medical information technology. If the acquisition is successful, sharp soft technology will become a wholly owned subsidiary of listed companies, included in the scope of consolidated statements. At the same time, the leader itself dongfangguoxin is the big data industry, in the telecommunications industry plough, the depth of tapping the field of big data market, endogenous power continued to improve. Active in the sea by Lee, Bo Rui, huitianfu mixed far held epitaxial growth dongfangguoxin representing their net worth than before, were respectively 6.62%, 6.45%, 5.7%. Overall, INVESCO Great Wall Co governance.相关的主题文章: