Mailyard Futures egg prices fell to face the coming season diying

Mailyard Futures: egg prices fell to face the coming season clients view the latest market strategy investment highlights: festive atmosphere influence egg spot prices rise and promote futures prices stabilized and rebounded slightly. But considering the pressure in the hens herds, high fertility herds continue to grow, after the chicken feed demand fell, low cost, egg consumption seasonal characteristics and other factors, the market outlook egg spot price greater probability of seasonal weakness. The egg futures plate facing the holiday effect has embodied, with demand and spot price is expected to weaken, egg prices will return to decline, suggest that between 3350-3420 into the air is appropriate. 1, seasonal off-season arrival of egg consumption with evident seasonal variation in recent 8 years, the monthly average egg prices, egg prices fell year present years after the fall, before may rise after 51 – wavelet – go up before the Mid Autumn Festival eleven – September – down before the Spring Festival to go up, the laying rate of high temperature in summer fall and autumn eleven years consumption makes high prices generally appear in 8 and September, the year after demand down drag prices this year lows generally 2-4 months. A few days ago in August and September, the spot market price changed early egg "malaise" rose sharply, some sales increase in more than 40% areas, rose more than 35%, by the holiday atmosphere and spot recently driven by rising prices stabilized and egg futures rebounded slightly. However, with the holiday approaching, demand fell, egg spot prices have rose peaked, then after spending the off-season arrival will drag egg prices lower. Figure 1: egg spot prices monthly data sources: 2, population increase egg Mailyard futures since the beginning of 2016 due to increased pressure on the supply of feed cost lower than in previous years, laying hens to maintain the overall profitability, since August with the egg spot prices go up, laying hens profit is rising to 40 yuan Yu’s all-time high. High profits so that the farmers have been greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the column, companies have expanded the scale, there are new enterprises to enter the breeding industry, as a whole, the first half of the domestic egg farming industry in the form of optimism. The latest data show that in July 2016 in laying hens breeding stock is 1 billion 250 million, 0.70% less than in June last year, a substantial increase of 8.86%. The 282 million reserve chicken population, an increase of 5.65%, an increase of 5.18%; breeding chicks Bulan an increase of 1.25%, an increase of 21.43%; young chicken herds were added in June 7.32%. In addition, the first half of the national commercial egg chicken sales 481 million, an increase of 13.44%, the price of commodity generation chicks, eggs and egg prices and other types of eggs were hit a record high. Although declined slightly from the previous month in hens herds production, but still better than the same period last year; and on chicken herds with the chain increased the subsequent layer supply guarantee. Chicken age structure, the proportion of chicks accounted for an increase of 1.2% to 13.50%, the proportion of laying hens decreased by 0.77% to 74.52%, the upcoming elimination of the proportion of chicken fell.相关的主题文章: