Liu Junhai investors appropriate management forced business rational management of good faith

Liu Junhai: investors in the management of forced institution integrity rational management of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my capital Liu Junhai is the mother of wealth. There are not only benefit cooperation, but also conflict of interest between the operating mechanism and the investors. After strengthening institutions appropriate obligations is the global financial crisis of 2008, in the United States, "Dodd Frank Wall Street reform and Consumer Protection Act" as the representative of the international legislation, although different legislation and written expression, but confirmed the basic principles of proper management of financial institutions. Chinese Commission publicly solicit the opinions of the "Securities and futures investors appropriate management measures (Draft)", starting from the largest national public stage dominated by retail investors in China, fully draw on advanced international experience, to ensure that appropriate institutions will sell products to appropriate investors in a proper way, help and options fair investment right to respect and protect the public investors’ right to know, right, risk identification, forced operators integrity rational management, enhance the core competitiveness of business institutions respected, optimize business institutions and investors and common prosperity of modern capital market ecological environment, honesty, win-win sharing, is the basic work of the overall construction of investor friendly type society. Good law is the premise of good governance, but the law alone is not enough. The "measures" of the air plant depends on both the supervisors of the administrative guidance, supervision and inspection and administrative punishment, strict self-discipline and self-discipline mechanism, more depends on the operating agency autonomy. The rational, honest and effective marketing model based on the appropriate management system, which is not only beneficial to the public investors, but also conforms to the fundamental interests and long-term interests of the business organization. First of all, the operating agencies should strictly in accordance with the requirements and the principle of good faith, earnestly and satisfactorily fulfill the obligations of investors to assess the appropriateness of. Operating agencies should be based on the information provided by investors, products or services, such as the risk of the objective and true to propose targeted, humane and the relevant products between investors and whether the views of the match. The core of the match is to determine whether investors have the appropriate risk tolerance. Risk bearing capacity includes both economic and financial affordability, as well as mental and psychological endurance. Secondly, the operating agencies to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the risk disclosure. The "measures" requirements for institutions to ordinary investors understand the way, inform the product or service information in the warning to the necessary form mark clear operating mechanism in the consignment of products; and commissioned by other agencies when selling products should carry out appropriate obligations, institutions and the sales organization to violation of such obligations common responsibility behavior. The risk of revealing the credibility lies in the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, validity, fairness, timeliness and understandability. Risk disclosure is the bottom line, to be honest, there are one or two that two. Investors do not know the risks to be informed; investors know the risks, but also to reiterate. Third, the operating agencies to fulfill the prudent internal management obligations. The internal cause is the main theory of change相关的主题文章: