Lin Chiling in the seven missing a wedding ring as a man suspected of taking a loudspeaker – Enterta vidown

Lin Chiling in the "seven missing a" wedding ring as a man suspected of taking a loudspeaker – Entertainment Sohu Lin Chiling micro-blog Lin Chiling still pictures from Tammy   screenshots; Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the day before Lin Chiling came to Jerry Yan complex, and exposed the C businessman surnamed pursuit, but never a positive response to the outside world, the feelings of the world watching, as the 2 "golden 3S lady" Ruby Lin and Hsu Chi are married, her feelings of belonging once again become the focus of the outside world. She was 24 in micro-blog issued a document, and drying out the good sisters left her photo, but no ring on hand, reminiscent of whether she lamented his own "empty ring finger". The 41 year old Lin Chiling debut for many years, scandal object only Jerry Yan, "toilet small" Qiu Shikai best known, older than Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi 1 years old. She the micro-blog sun with a group of sisters of the photo, and wrote: "the most beautiful moment, and is the sister bestie together. Share each the passions in life, but I am so happy." Which is 1 she and 6 other friends left close-up photo, and the 7 hand among the 6 ring finger wearing a shiny ring, but Lin Chiling ring finger is empty, people can not help but wonder if she wants to borrow a photo of a loudspeaker, let "chance" as soon as possible, with a ring set on her ring finger.相关的主题文章: