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TV prime time: Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou qingguihechu [Abstract] "sparrow" near the end; "rouge" hit, Zhao Liying to complete the task of latent tortured lead: after so long, "sparrow" is near the end, cold-blooded devil Yin Zheng step by step, not only will be exposed undercover CP identity, also implicated the Communist Party Lurk "doctor". A heap of sugar Ruoyun usher in good Friday, Yin is suffered torture, finally he can successfully escape? The identity of the mysterious "doctor", let Li Yifeng who is he really be frightened and change color,? And the peak how theemotions wisp contact? There are feelings of twists and turns along the way Li Yifeng and Dongyu Zhou, which can escape the first love of the crazy chase 76, ushered in their happiness? "The Tencent" video of the hit! Open the video Tencent, at any time to see > > Zhao Liying for the completion of tasks lurking tortured distressed Ying Bao become the theme of the week! In order to successfully enter the latent Japanese spy agencies, Zhao Liying suffered inhuman torture, not only was beaten and thrown in full is badly bruised from flogging, insulting a photo of the room, to bear the psychological torture. But fortunately, Lu Yi has been around to take care of her, the relationship between the two is also increasingly close, but this once again provoked the hair of the Tao Xinran, because she loves him. So tangled complex story, only in Tencent video and Oriental TV Oh ~ open Tencent video, at any time to see > > the bottom of the struggle history! The three generation of energy-saving seven years IP fermentation showed "Chen Ergou’s ingenuity, evildoer life" is a feudal war drama adaptation of the original name! Tells the story of the story of Chen Ergou based on the bottom of the crowd in the big city between the blood by the inspirational story. Focus on the little man, release the energy. The play focuses on the four families of Crossed Destinies thisdelineates a legendary life, with little people being ideal of heroism. Movie level service of blessing, the combination of fine grinding force. A grassroots struggle history, the three generation of energy-saving, "China type lakes" in October 10th will be kicked off, the Tencent video of the whole network independent broadcast in the first quarter, VIP members see the complete works. Open the Tencent video, at any time to see > > Li Zhongshuo broke the wall to the real world is not just a week in the filial piety! Li Zhongshuo finally came to the real world! Wuli clock master that he is how Obama a cartoon character’s reaction? Why he and his father’s strike violently? To learn about the real Li Zhongshuo finally jumped downhearted, the Jiangde sink. "W two world" Tencent video network exclusive online! Open the video Tencent, at any time to see > > eight U.S. junior pilot constellation war! Many years ago, the world was 13 with super capacity of the constellation Ophiuchus the ruling family, too poor to love others by capture ability, other signs from exile, contact her, concentrate on the development of GOP… Do you think… They want anonymity, is to more and take revenge! This rich constellation specifically for the heirs and the establishment of the school of "super star", became the outbreak of the war. Two rich generation to Cinderella, blood brothers mutual enmity, family strife… Sounds..;相关的主题文章: