Li Sheng on Gold Gold see 1324 direct air, crude oil fell more than 47.5 sorpack

Li Sheng on Gold: Gold see 1324 direct empty, crude oil fell more than 47.5 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Some people love to see themselves as a protagonist, " " they do not allow others to have different positions, you lie, really cruel, choose the one you want? The ability of a person not to enter the industry early or late, but the early and late. This is a cross-border era, welcome each other. If the barrier can solve my growth, so NOKIA should block the rise of apple, Kodak hundred years old should not go down, I love new challenges, I look forward to the innovation after the subversion. The holiday is approaching, catching good Raiders, plan your route to prepare money on mobile phone, when you bet on the way of doing nothing, when you stop at the halfway can not remember, I will give you the transaction at any time in the instruction, let you add different tourism revenue! Not stand on the 1330, but the price of gold rebounded paper tiger Thursday, the Asian plate continued early rebound, seemingly strong but in reality the bluff, the two days of the major gold pressure point of concentration within the range of 1328-30, as long as there is no station on this position, the rebound is just a brewing process of decline, but not at the bottom, the most afraid of is to see a rebound in the bottom of the hunters as always, as life events in the dry. The main, or follow the trend, rising Asian plate plate down, and the low position of the disc broken bits, then everything is down, when gold prices fell 1321, everything has returned to my judgment, the fluctuation in the $10 range card just within this time, success the sniper was empty Chanyu 1322 at the top of the 1316 to leave only the profit, although the catch is not the highest point, has done the most appropriate. Slow down the market will accelerate, not to find the end not to be fooled. In fact, in the past the market, we often encounter a similar situation, slow down or seemingly not fall down, high amplitude and low broken bits, only speed is far from expected so awesome. The warm boiled frog market, will often induce or to mislead you, think the market is in the bottom or down does not move, try the more than a single admission, want to make a big. However, the final result is the accelerated decline of a short car pull. Why? Imagine, you can stand on the 20% profit people’s point of view, you will make the process slowly bottoming, to the retail opportunity Jiancang profit? I want to be, only the fast Powei, will make short before the crazy opening, thought that the crash of the stock market to come, let those who try the hunters who completely give up hope, let those who set out to decide to cut positions, then pull it up, so that you can finish the dishes to wash those 80% people, 28 of this is the eternal law, if you want to make money to try a few profit ideas to bring down the majority of herd behavior. Blind fire, as an attack on the shock相关的主题文章: