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Leave son brother send injured father after medical treatment for 11 years – en Beijing 2005 car accident, injured brother sent father after medical leave in September 19th, a Xiangtan taxi company, Zhou Bin (right) rather than embrace the benefactor Huang Zhanying expressed gratitude, a little yellow Zhanying feel shy. Figure reporter Chen Yunjiao Xiang CX0005, which is a vehicle in the traffic police query system has been canceled car license, but in the presence of a full 11 years in the minds of Zhou Bin. 11 years ago, there was a traffic accident in Xiangtan, Zhou and his son were injured, including father Zhou Haoming brain hemorrhage, coma. Emergency, a taxi parked in front of them, the driver take them to the hospital, have not received a penny to leave quietly. Therefore, Zhou Haoming effective rescue. 11 years, Zhou Bin has been looking for the son rather than benefactor, posted online, also asked the police friends query. Hard work pays off, he finally found the kind of brother. More than 2 Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Cao Wei Xiangtan reported July 4, 2005 morning, Zhou Bin and his father Zhou Haoming sitting on a tricycle tail box, suddenly by a large truck rear end, tricycle was knocked over, Zhou Haoming knocked into a coma after. At that time, a taxi stopped to understand the situation, Zhou Haoming will be sent to a nearby hospital, and then quietly leave, did not leave any contact. After 11 years, looking into the brother Zhou and his son’s heart, always wanted to find him and personally thank, and a license plate is the only clues Zhou Bin down. 11 years failed to find the father and son still don’t want to give up. In August this year, Zhou Bin through the local radio station no link to this brother. In September 19th, Zhou Bin and the thinking of the long benefactor dinner photo. Memories of his father in a car accident in a coma, passing Columbia hospital after leaving 11 years ago, Zhou Bin was 19 years old, the family bought him a tricycle, he went with his father in Xiangtan for delivery. More than 2 points early in the morning of July 4, 2005, from the Changsha Lang pear town to Xiangtan City home, Zhou and his son sitting on a tricycle tail box cab sat dozing, their relatives and the owner. Xiangtan Furong Road vehicles to the pond a fork in the road, suddenly hit a tricycle rollover. "I didn’t know what was going on." Zhou Bin promptly jumped from the car, father Zhou Haoming was directly onto the pavement, ears soon shed blood. Two people were injured in the driver’s arm and leg. At that time, Zhou Haoming has been the most serious injuries they hit 120, remain unconscious, the traffic police department also notice. In the next week Zhou Binshou acument, kept shouting "Dad", I hope he is not asleep. Around the dark, suddenly a taxi parked in the side, saw the scene after the car on a sturdy Han asked: "if I give you directly to the hospital?" Because had alarm, Zhou Bin did not start to offer tahan. However, the man has always insisted that he and Zhou Bin will eventually force Zhou Haoming up to the taxi rear seat, then, Han Zhou and his father to a few kilometers outside the city of Xiangtan.相关的主题文章: