Lanzhou Teachers College Dean dismissed female cancer events in Beijing – talking about the resignat

Lanzhou Teachers College Dean expelled female cancer events – Beijing said nothing about the resignation of his successor Chen Ling was expelled from the female teachers still sign Cancer Institute chairman Ren Bowen according to LanZhou JiaoTong University post College News website, the board of directors before the decision, agreed Chen Ling resigned as director of appointment as Dean Chen biao. In August this year, the school teacher Liu Lingli died because of cancer and primary complications during the treatment period, the school was expelled from the long-term absenteeism, former president Chen Ling signed the decision. Former president Chen Ling concurrently chairman questioned in the post school 32 year old female teacher Liu Lingli from cancer and heart disease complicated with died half a month later, in August 31st, the Education Department of Gansu province held a private university work conference, put forward relevant requirements of independent colleges and private colleges, including the chairman and President of private colleges must set up schools, ownership and the separation of management; in 5 independent colleges must consciously accept the leadership of the parent school; parent school must perform on their respective regulatory responsibilities of independent college; to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers in private colleges. In half a month earlier, in after the death of Liu Lingli, Chen Ling also serves as chairman and President questioned, she has also been accused of alleged fraud, in no respect or even try to get rid of the former dean of LanZhou JiaoTong University sent. In September 26th, the Education Department of Gansu Province Propaganda Department Director surnamed Liang told the surging news, soon the private universities work conference, Chen Ling offered his resignation, "she resigned after the board began to hire new dean, Department of education also provides some candidates. He said that the new dean Chen Biao served as president of the Lanzhou Institute of technology, vice president of Lanzhou University of Technology, is a person who has a wealth of experience in the management of higher education." In September 13th, the board of directors formally adopted the decision, the opening ceremony of the year in September 18th, Chen Biao has served as the new president." Liang said, Chen Ling as a school investor, is still Bowen College chairman. The new president Chen Biao: "just want to run the school" in September 26th, the reporter contacted the Bowen school’s new dean Chen Biao, he said, this is for the appointment, the board of directors for the post College universities of LanZhou JiaoTong University and the Provincial Department of education views, make decisions. He also hopes to put Bo Wen Chen Ling in the early run, "some things can do it is not too good, but Bo Wen is the office of Gansu province for more than ten years of college, I was responsible for the more than 10 thousand students." The "Liu Lingli incident", Chen Biao did not want to talk about, "I don’t know, before the national day, I will open a press conference to the teachers, the students and the society an account, in front of the leadership and the causes of the future development of the school, I will elaborate their educational ideas and thinking at the press conference." Finally, he told reporters: "I think the only school to do now, intentnesses to education really do a good job, responsible for students responsible for the parents of the students, responsible for education in Gansu province." Chen Biao denied that he has a relationship with Chen Ling, the network rumors that he had just passed his 63 birthday, Chen Lingcai, the way the 50相关的主题文章: