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Korean trade unions today strike freight logistics market is greatly affected Korean trade unions strike this freight logistics market is greatly affected according to Yonhap news agency, Korea in the railway unions in the long term trend under the condition that the South Korean trade unions "freight goods related" 10 announced the official strike, South Korea is expected to greatly affect the logistics market which can hardly be avoided. South Korean goods from the date of the 10 day strike from the opposition, the government launched the "cargo transport market development program," the abolition of the demand adjustment system". The joint and several aspects of the goods, the abolition of the system will lead to a substantial increase in the number of trucks, which will make the logistics market oversupply, so that the freight car fell across the board. The joint strike is expected to bring a fatal blow to the container transport market. At present, the South Korean container transport vehicles up to 21 thousand and 757, of which the goods are associated with the Department of the 32.2%. It is reported that the South Korean government will be severely dealt with according to the law and the relevant rules of the strike. Ministry of land and transportation has said that although the government actively listen to the requirements of the union, to promote the improvement of the relevant system, but the union to take a comprehensive approach to respond to strike. The strike is a manifestation of extreme collective self-interest, will have a negative impact on the national economy. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: