Keqiao electric car theft artifact 30 days did not recover the maximum compensation of $1200

Keqiao electric vehicle anti-theft push artifact is not recovered the highest 1200 yuan for 30 days on October 28th at 8:30 in the morning, Shaoxing Keqiao residents Yang Shuichang arrived at the Keqiao police station, to their own electric car on the card". Look at your "car" install new license green, Yang Shuichang very happy. "With this, I feel more secure." Yang Shuichang told reporters that this is his fourth electric car, before the car was stolen was not found back, one of them bought less than 20 days was stolen. Since the 28 day of this month, Keqiao electric car theft filing work to start, to the electric car installed anti-theft brand". Reporters on the scene saw the registration of electric vehicles, will install a 6 digit green license, as well as anti-theft devices. The number of motor and electric vehicles license correspondence, and anti-theft device with the police intelligence Skynet connection, once stolen, the police immediately to locate stolen vehicles." Keqiao District Public Security Bureau Public Security battalion captain Wu Jiefeng said. It is understood that the record time for October 28, 2016 ~12 month 31, the public need to provide identity cards, car invoices (or seal receipt) original. Each electric car installation cost is 35 yuan, in addition to the public can voluntarily choose to buy car insurance, 20 yuan a year. "After the purchase of insurance, once stolen electric cars did not get back in a month, then buy time within 30 days of the new car can be obtained per 1200 yuan of compensation, buy time 30 days outside the car can get 600 yuan per vehicle compensation." Wu Jiefeng said. Currently there are about about 300000 electric vehicles in the region, in order to complete the record of electric vehicles in more than 1 months time, Keqiao district set up a record of 51 points. In addition, the relevant departments will also enter the community, the hospital set up mobile registration points, accelerate the pace of filing work. At the same time, from August 21st onwards, the region’s 81 electric car dealership in the sale of electric vehicles, electric vehicle theft must be completed for the record. As of 28 at 3:30 in the afternoon, Keqiao district has 584 electric vehicles to complete the record, including 487 car buying robbery insurance.相关的主题文章: