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Ji’nan, a mother to send children to school by bike van Zhuangfei killed on the spot – Beijing on the morning of 11, Licheng District lotus road and King Road junction dam together with the tragic accident. A light truck collided with a two wheel electric vehicle, resulting in the death of the mother and child on the electric car, one of the two people died, his mother died on the spot, his son was seriously injured at the age of 15, has been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. It is understood that the incident occurred, the mother is how to send his son to school, the family is very difficult, the child’s father had diabetes for more than and 10 years without the ability to work, the family rely on children mother Mason’s meager income support. Child more than ten thousand yuan a day treatment fee for the family to worry about breaking the intestines. Qilu Evening News reporter Zhang Tailai mother was riding the electric car truck hit more than and 10 meters "my aunt ride electric car to take my cousin read vocational school to leave the house, less than two kilometers when the accident occurred, adults can not, the child is still in the rescue." The injured relatives of Mr. Cai said, his home in the village of Yao Qiang Zhen Cai, an accident is his aunt and cousin, the site of the incident from their village only two km distance. It is understood that the site of the accident in the lotus road and King Road dam in the northwest corner of the intersection, this is a T-junction, the light truck accident before driving along the lotus road, near to the site of the incident, qiayu riding the electric car mother, dodge collision. "There are more than 10 meters of the brake marks on the ground, my aunt and brother hit the truck out of ten meters away." Mr. Cai said, when they heard the news rushed to the scene, found his 39 years old aunt Zhao had no vital signs, 15 year old cousin Cai Manshen blood lying on the ground, already in a coma. Licheng site photos provided by the traffic police, the accident scene is very tragic, the front windshield of vehicle license plate is completely broken off in the collision, broken glass, automotive parts, electric parts, pieces of debris scattered on the ground. Ms. Zhao lying in the middle of the road near the fence position, head bleeding, no signs of life. Xiao Cai slim, wearing a camouflage T-shirt, a serious injury, the expression is very painful. Mr. Cai, was injured in the accident Xiaocai just turned 15 years old this year, after graduating from junior high school admitted to a school Licheng occupation, the school is military training, has not officially started life occurred in such unexpected ways. The dead is the pillar of the family huge treatment occurred unhappy family after the accident, several people passing the phone call the police. Injured Xiao Cai was sent to Jinan Third People’s Hospital for treatment, due to serious injuries, the hospital immediately after the surgery, removed all of its spleen and part of the stomach. After surgery, Cai Liji was sent to the intensive care unit. Injury is very serious, the current renal failure, head blood, leg fractures, intestinal, liver and other injuries need to be repaired." Cai said that at present there is still no escape from the danger of life, according to doctors, the treatment fee of 10000 yuan per day, which is their inability to bear. According to reports, Xiao Cai’s father suffering from diabetes has been 16 years, has begun to appear complications, one eye blindness,.相关的主题文章: